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Night-Runners Prologue Cheats

Night-Runners Prologue

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Guide:
Written by Coloured

This is a guide specifically made for beginners, mid/late game content 
wonít be covered.

-=Step 1: What Car do I Buy?=-
Your first car is guaranteed to be either the Sannis Livisa 180RS or 200RS.
Whatís the difference between the two?

* The 180RS has a 5MT (or a 4AT), which provides more torque than the 200RS
* The 200RS has a 6MT (or a 4AT), which provides quicker acceleration than 
  the 180RS, and has a sunroof unlike the 180RS.
* Your first car in this game should be have no major issues, any car with 
  major issues are bound to suck
* Never buy a car in this game with an automatic transmission, they are 
  significantly slower than their 5 speed/ 6 speed manual counterparts.

If you canít find a car with these requirements, restart the game and look 
at the auction house again.

-=Step 2: Who and Where to Challenge to Races=-
Once you get your car, you have to head over to the Tatsumi PA to challenge 
your first racer.

Obviously, since youíre riding in a stock car, you should challenge the easiest 
driver available for you to challenge, who is Daisuke.

In Night runners, youíre required to put in a wager before a race starts.

Your first couple of races against Daisuke will be a breeze, but the 3rd or 
4th races wonít be nearly as easy, and when you lose your first race due to AI
 rubberbanding, you need to upgrade your car.

When you win races, you get Rep. With Rep, you get to challenge higher tier 
races at the cost of them being difficult. Keep this low without losing money.

-=Step 3: What do I Buy for My Car?
Since in this game, AI rubberbanding has the potential to softlock your save 
(when you run out of money and canít win races anymore, which has happened to 
me), so you have to upgrade your car to stay ahead of the other racers on the 

If you plan on actually winning races, I strictly recommend to only buy 
performance upgrades until you get rich. When you get rich and have money to 
spare, buy upgrades first and then buy cosmetics.

Currently, the best upgrade setup for beginners are:
* Semi-slick tires
* Prototype camshafts

Even with the upgrades, you should lose less races but you will still lose 
fairly often, no matter what.

* No, you canít change your name without resetting your playersave.
* Iíve said this before and I will say this again, the AI rubberbanding will 
screw you over.

The AI in this game fear two things:
* Tunnels
* Corners

Regarding the engine light colors, your performance doesnít get affected until 
it shows up red.
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