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My Waifu Guild Cheats

My Waifu Guild

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for Endless Mode and Beating the game:
Written by RobDeLaMorte

This guide will explain the different game mechanics and give 
tips for clearing the game.

-=General Tips=-
* Grinding is necessary, donít get discouraged if you get beaten in a level! 
Just go back to a previous one and farm a bit of exp up.

* Remember to spend your skill points! Thereís no reason to hoard them, so 
spend them all after every run!

* Most levels are straightforward and can be beaten by upgrading largely what 
you want. Iíd recommend against Warrior attack though; itís her lowest stat.

* The final boss is significantly tougher than anything else in the regular 
game, so expect to grind.

* When spending skill points, you should focus on one or two specific things, 
at least until youíre able to beat the final boss handily. Spreading skills 
too much will leave you weak.

* Donít be afraid to ignore upgrading specific characters during a level. 
If youíve got enough damage, you wonít need to level Dryad and Priest for 

* Having said that, getting everyone to L5 to unlock their aura spells 
is usually a good idea. Fairy, Priest, and Dryad combined will beef your 
force up, and Demonís aura will push back enemies when you hit them.

* However, once you power up your Aura Card skill you should skip getting 
the Demonís aura because itíll keep pushing enemies out of your rangeÖ 
Itís especially annoying for boss fights.

* The hearts will let you see artwork and wiggling animations of the girls, 
but they wonít power you up in any way.

* If youíre achievement hunting you donít need to play Endless Mode at 
all, just clear the main game and fill everyoneís hearts.

* For some weird reason, Warrior has a unique ability where sheíll gain 
the ability to crit after you unlock her Aura Card at L5, and her crit 
rate scales off her maximum HP upgrade.

-=Upgrades/Skills Information=-
The most important part of the game is your progression by earning level 
ups and skill points. You need to spend the skill points upgrading your 
characters or the upgrade cards that appear in levels or youíll never beat 
the game. Hereís a basic rundown on what each Skill does:

Empowered Auras: Powers up the Aura cards you get for upgrading a girl 
5 times. Low priority, but can make you quite beefy later on with Fairy/
Priest/Dryad. Be aware Demonís wind can be upgraded to +100% pushback and 
make battles take much longer, so donít get that card!

Empowered Spells: Powers up the Spell cards you get from a girl reaching 
L10. Very low priority upgrade because the only spells you really need 
are Fairyís magic shield and maybe Priestís heal.

Stamina: Gives more starting health. An utter waste of skill points, as 
Warrior can increase your max health with her upgrade card. Only get if 
youíre getting annihilated at the start of a map repeatedly.

Defender Cards: Powers up all upgrade cards for the Warrior and Fairy.
Extremely high priority, as it means you can beef your max HP up with 
Warrior, and get obscene Armour to block all damage from her and Fairy. 
My personal best skill in the game.

Spirit: Increases the base healing from Dryad and Priest. Another waste 
of skill points unless youíre repeatedly dying at the start of a level 
and even then.

Healer Cards: Powers up all upgrade cards for Priest and Dryad. Low 
priority, youíre usually better off just powering up your Armour to 
block damage to begin with instead of healing it, especially if max HP 
is low. Becomes more important later on in Endless Mode when enemies 
start doing real damage early.

Critical Boost: Obviously increases damage from critical hits. Low 
priority initially as it only affects the attacking characters and 
your critrate is low, but will become useful as you level Damage Dealer 
cards for higher crit chances per upgrade card.

Upgraded Weapons: Itís a flat increase to all attacking characters 
base damage. Thatís it. Low priority because your base stats always 
start low every level anyway.

Damage Dealer Cards: Powers up all upgrade cards for Demon, Thief, 
Elf, Mage and Vampire. High priority, becoming more important later 
on in Endless Mode. Note that it increases damage dealt, Distance 
for Demon upgrades AND crit chance gain.

In a nutshell, youíll want Stamina and Upgraded Weapons in the early 
game if youíre struggling, but what you really want to do is funnel 
levels into the ďCardsĒ family depending on playstyle, with Empowered 
Auras if you feel cheeky. For Endless Mode youíll want hundreds of levels
in ďCardsĒ, Empowered

Auras and Critical Boost, slapping some points into Spirit and Stamina 
whenever youíre struggling in the first wave.

-=Stats Breakdown=-
Itís a bit confusing trying to figure out what the stats mean ingame
without a guide, but Iíve worked it all out now so hereís my findings.
God I love bullet points.

-=On character mouseover=-
Level: The characterís level. It increases as you upgrade that character 
and unlocks Aura cards at L5 and Spell cards at L10 per character. 
Has no other effect.

Sword icon: Attack power. This is how much damage your character does 
every attack. Healer types canít attack.

Cross icon: Healing power. This shows how much health that character 
will replenish when the cooldownís done.

Clock icon: Cooldown timer. Shows how long in seconds it takes for that 
character to attack, heal or shield you.

Hook icon: Critical hit chance. Shows the % chance you have for an attack 
to critically hit and deal extra damage. No heal crits, sadly.

Dis: Attack distance. Only Demon can upgrade this, and it makes her attack 
trigger from further away the higher it is.

Shield icon (Fighter): Armour value. Directly reduces all incoming damage 
by this amount. If your Armour is above their damage, you donít take any 
damage at all.

Shield icon (Fairy): Shield value. When her cooldown is ready, Fairy buffs 
you with a shield that absorbs a set amount of damage. If enemies deal 
more damage before her next cast, youíll take damage as normal but if they 
canít outdamage it sheíll refresh it and youíll be invincible.

-=On upgrade cards=-
Clock icon: Cooldown timer. Choosing this card lowers the time between attacks,
 healing and shielding. Note that itís a fixed amount unaffected by any Upgrades.

Heart icon: Maximum health. Choosing this card from Warrior will increase 
your max health for the rest of the level. The other upgrades are straightforward
and directly linked to the girls stats. Remember that the ďCardsĒ skill upgrades 
directly power up all of these stats, depending on the character, with the sole 
exception of Cooldown which is always fixed.

Hereís a simple example: If I upgrade Defender Cards skill, then Warrior 
upgrades will give more max HP, more attack, more armour and more crit rate. 
Fairy will be able to shield more damage with each recast, but her -1.1 
cooldown upgrade will stay the same. None of the other characters upgrades 
will change.

-=Ultimate Farming=-
Beating the final boss is difficult, but moving from him to Endless Mode is 
a leap in difficulty and then some. Endless Mode ramps up VERY quickly with 
each level, so youíre going to need to be cheeky and find a good way to grind.

Some of you already know, but the best place in the game to grind by FAR is 
the final boss at the graveyard. This is because while you fight him, the 
game sends a constant stream of monsters at you too. Unlike the slime boss 
though, these monsters give full gold and exp!

It might be slower, but the most effective way to grind is the same as the 
most effective way of beating the boss; focus entirely on levelling up your 
defences with the Fairy shield and Warrior armour, and some focus on healing 
too. You want to keep your attack low because youíll be able to farm monsters 
off the final boss more before killing him.

Doing it this way will take a good 10 minutes to beat the level, but when 
youíre sure youíre tanky enough you can just afk and go do something. 
Watch Vtubers on the internet or whatever; the game will keep going even 
if itís not the active window.

Special Tip: If you can, try to get to Endless Mode L10 first; itíll unlock 
the ability for Exp booster cards to appear in both modes! Theyíre pricey at 
60-70-80 gold each, but each one adds a +100% exp multiplier after you finish 
the level. If you get +300% and farm the graveyard, youíre looking at a sweet 
+200 skill points per run!

-=Endless Mode Game Mechanics=-
Endless Mode isnít quite what I thought it would be, but I still think itís a 
pretty cool mode. Itís substantially different from regular Adventure mode though, 
and requires different strategies. First of all the base difficulty is far harder, 
and it scales harder for every level you pass through. As in ďYou will struggle 
past L20 Endless Mode even if you are over L1000Ē.

You pick a level, and you start with the Archer, Priest and Warrior. If you want 
the other girls, you have to wait for RNG to make them appear and save up the gold 
for them. This immediately makes Endless Mode more brutal, because youíre going to 
want Fairy for shielding ASAP. Unlike in Aventure mode, you can absolutely get 
mauled in the 1st wave by poor RNG or not upgrading your healing enough.

Apart from that, itís like a normal level. You go through waves, beat a random 
boss at the end and the levelís done. Once you beat a level, going back to previous 
ones gives you less exp but the exp is so poor I donít know why you would anyway.

One important thing to note is the cards on the right. As you hit Endless Mode L10, 
L20 and L30 youíll permenantly unlock special cards that will appear in both game 
modes randomly. The Exp card gives you +100/200/300% gained experience after a 
level ends and unlocks at L10. The L20 unlock is for +20/40/60% gained gold during 
the level and is kind of a noob trap because youíll want it earlier for more money 
but youíre also not gaining upgrades and characters then. And the L30 unlockÖ 
I dunno what it is. ?? Iím only at L22 Endless Mode right now, but Iíll update it 
later when I get there.
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