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Motocross: Chasing the Dream Cheats

Motocross: Chasing the Dream

Submitted by: David K.

Console Commands:

This guide contains information on how to use the developer console.

-=How to Activate the Console=-
Do you want to enter commands but do not know how to access the dev 
console? You can open and close the developer console by pressing:

F1 - Open / close developer console.

-=Console Commands=-
You can find a list of all commands by enter this:

This will list out in the console window every command that is available to you.

To find out more about a certain command, you can enter:

man [command]
And it will tell you how to use the command, what parameters it takes in, 
and a description of the command.

-=Camera Commands=-
camera.height [float] 
- Sets the height of the camera.

camera.distance [float] 
- Sets the distance of the camera from the rider.

camera.height-damping [float]
- Sets the speed at which the camera adjusts to the targetís changes on the y axis.

camera.rotation-damping [float] 
- Sets the speed at which the camera adjusts to the targetís changes on the x axis.

camera.offset-x [float] 
- Sets the target point on the x-axis.

camera.offset-y [float] 
- Sets the target point on the y-axis.

camera.fov [float] 
- Sets the cameraís field of view.

-=Steering Commands=-
steering.steer-speed [float] 
- Sets how fast the bike steers.

steering.return-steer-speed [float] 
- Sets how fast the steering returns to 0 when no input is given.

-=Physics Commands=-
(For development purposes only). [vector3] 
- Sets the center of mass of the bikeís rigidbody.

bike.wheel-bump-force [float] 
- Sets how fast the suspension compresses.

bike.wheel-rebound-force [float] 
- Sets how fast the suspension unloads.

bike.wheel-max-spring-force [float] 
- Sets the maximum force the suspension springs will be able to exert when fully compressed.
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