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Mother Russia Bleeds Cheats

Mother Russia Bleeds

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Final Boss Guide (Tips and Tricks):
Written by Michanicks

Necro is the hardest boss in this game. 
That guide describes how to defeat him.

-=General Tips=-
* A lot depends on pure luck, and it is not on your side. To defeat the boss 
in any ending, you will have to make many attempts, it is better to realize 
this in advance and try not to get mad. My guide is unlikely to help you defeat 
the boss from the first run, but it will definitely help you reduce number of 

* The battle has four phases. There are no checkpoints, after death you will 
have to start the whole battle from the very beginning.

* The fewer characters, the easier it is. There are not very many benefits 
from several characters, but there are noticeably more enemies. If you want 
to increase your chances of winning, play without bots.

* To get a good ending, DO NOT use Necro in any form, neither for healing, 
nor for Berserker mode, nor for lifting fallen teammates. If bots are using 
Necro, there will be a bad ending, so lack of bots is MANDATORY to get a 
good ending.

* Don’t give up, even if you have very little health left, it is better to 
try to fight your way forward as much as you can. 
There are two reasons for this:
1.Due to the lack of checkpoints, you will see the last two phases less often 
  than the first two phases, so any, even the smallest practice will be useful 
  to you;
2.Feeling hopeless can calm you down and ultimately increase your chances of 
  winning game

-=Phase One - Walls of Flesh=-
* To win, you need to throw enough syringes into the walls. Your clones are 
armed with syringes, if they stab you - the syringe will disappear, if you 
knock clones down - the syringes will remain on the ground, they must be 
picked up and thrown into the wall. Do not use syringes against clones! The 
faster you throw enough syringes into the walls, the faster you will get 
through this nasty phase.

* Clones spawn endlessly at regular intervals. If you don’t kill them, they 
will continue to spawn and fill the entire screen. Killing them quickly is 
the most important task. Also, if you do not injure the walls for a long time, 
then they will begin to converge and eventually you will have no room for 

* Forget all combat moves except grab and throw. Combos, tackles, dash strikes 
and jump strikes can sometimes help, but you can only rely 100% on grappling 
moves, as they kill enemies instantly and with a high probability.

* Do not pick up syringes if there are clones right next to you. You will 
not have enough time to avoid damage, and they will not only hurt you badly, 
but they will also use up their syringe.

* If you play as dexterous characters (Sergey and Natasha), then you must 
grab enemies and throw them into the walls, this will instantly kill them 
and leave the syringes you need under you. Throw enemies only in the 
direction in which you are looking! If you take enemies on one side and 
throw them on the other, then sooner or later you will mess up and get hurt.

* If you play as strong characters (Ivan and Boris), then it will be more 
convenient for you to do finishing moves, and not to throw enemies. During 
the grab, press DOWN+GRAB and the enemy is guaranteed to die.

* Do not pick up the first syringe in the Arena, it will be very useful to 
you for the second (or even third) phase. If you accidentally took it, 
then just do not pick up one syringe that the clone will drop, the main 
thing is that at the end of the phase at least one extra syringe should 
lying on the ground.

* If you kill enemies so quickly that there are no clones left in the 
arena, you can use the insult (ALT button), if projectile reaches the wall, 
this will be counted as a syringe hit. Beware, the animation is long and 
if you use it at the wrong time, you will be injured by the spawned clones.

-=Phase Two - Meat Columns=-
* The easiest phase, you shouldn’t have any problems. It is necessary to 
destroy all the Columns that will try to crush you, the less of them there 
are, the freer the Arena is. Sometimes spider syringes appear, but they 
do not do much damage. The places where the columns will hit are 
highlighted by a small meat stain on the floor.

* If you took with you a syringe left over after the first phase, then 
a dash strike (E+K) is able to kill the Column in one hit and the syringe 
will not break after that. Thus, you can destroy all the pillars in a 
couple of seconds and you still have weapons for the third phase.

* If the column crushes you, press all the combat moves buttons to escape, 
just like in a normal game. If a spider-syringe is attached to you, then 
do a couple of dashes (E) to free yourself.

* In order not to miss the columns, hit the “fist” exactly where the
 column touches the floor.

-=Phase Three - Personal Confrontation=-
The fun begins. So, Necro has four attacks and each should be described 

* HORIZONTAL TENTACLE - Necro appears at the edge of the screen, prepares 
for a very long time and attacks the full width of the screen. It’s easy 
to avoid, just don’t line up with him.

* STOMP - Necro appears momentarily in the center of the screen, kneeling, 
and then, about half a second later, hits the ground with a stopm. In order 
not to receive damage, you need to jump, be in the air during the impact.

* SUCKER PUNCH - Necro’s most annoying attack, he dashes and punches with 
almost no warning. Jumps and dashes sometimes save you, but not always. 
To be guaranteed to avoid an attack, you need to run diagonally all the 
time (do not walk, but run, after double pressing the movement key).

* WAVES OF SYRINGES - The only attack of Necro, after which he can be 
attacked - he begins to push away all players and clones and release waves 
of green syringes, which must be jumped over like a jumprope, after which 
he exhales and opens up for hits. You yourself will quickly get used to 
the rhythm of the jumps.

* Do not hit the boss with charged attacks, tackles, special combos, 
slides and dashes, usual spam of the hit button is more useful.

* Clones will spawn throughout the battle, the easiest way to ignore 
them, but at the same time you need to try to keep them on the other half 
of the screen so that when you start hitting Necro, they would not come 
to you from the back, * and also get hit in the face along with the boss, 
As a bonus, Necro’s attacks are capable of wounding and pushing your 
clones as well.

* A bit of micromanagement with clones:
- Keep Necro and clones on one side of you;
- Sometimes it is better to spend time killing a clone and only then 
  beat the boss a little;
- Use a slide to leave the clones behind you and a dash strike to throw 
  them forward;
- Ivan and Boris can one-shot clones with their finishing moves.

If after the second stage you still have a syringe, use it against the 
boss, do not throw it away and do not accidentally use it against the clone.

-=Phase Four - Bifurcation=-
* There is nothing special to add: there are two bosses, the battle becomes 
more difficult and VERY dependent on your luck. Bosses attack on their own, 
without connection between each other, which makes some of their attacks 
impossible to avoid, for example, when one Necro pushes you against the wall, 
and the second teleports his fist into your skull, or when they jump with a 
break of half a second. Try until you’re lucky.

* The key to success is getting to Fourth Phase healthy enough to be able 
to tank unfair attacks.

* The good news: even though there are two bosses, but now they have less 
health than in the Phase Three , you just need to make two full combos and 
that’s it, the battle is over.
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