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Misha's Incident Cheats

Misha's Incident 

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to All Endings:
Written by zetllafo

-=Ending – The Debtor=-
Meet two conditions:
* Do not earn 30 thousand by the 15th day.
* Fail to fulfill the conditions for Vari’s ending.

-=Ending – Basic=-
Earn 30 thousand by the 15th day, you don’t have to save 10 thousand in 
the first 5 days (unless you want to pass without sex scenes).

-=Ending – Halzan De Blanche=-
Note: Careful, during the quest it is impossible for the main character to 
have xxx. Otherwise access to the church will be denied.

* After you have access to visit all the places. Go to the bathhouse and 
  talk to the man in the black robe, then fulfill his micro-quest.
* After completing his mini-quest, talk to him and he will give you the 
  password to the elevator( or if you have already banished the monster 
  just go to the 6th floor).
* Next, attend the meeting and go on the quest further 
  (until you get the poisoned apple).
* After getting the apple, go to the trash can near the Yakuza office, 
  here you will find a bottle.
* Optional: you can go to the librarian, she will give you a special envelope 
  that will help you avoid the fight (and get a mini h-scene with her).
* Go to Dr. Herpes and you will start a dialog about this bottle. Next go 
  back to the atrium, there is a battle waiting for you.
* Surrender the quest to Halzan, after which on the 15th day you will be 
  able to call her.

-=Ending – Taboo=-
Note: Do not recommend passing if you have not completed the quest goblins 
or did not buy what you want from the merchant.

Also, before passing on this ending, I advise either not to sell magazines, 
or memorize all the numbers from the end of the magazines Playscoof, as they 
will be needed in the passage)

* On day 5, go to the square and talk (to the bloody man) ? library (talk 
  to the clown)? strange merchant’s store (ask for tarot readings)
* Then go home (micro-scene).
* On the 6th day a man appears on the tracks with a tire iron. Take it and  
  use it in the sewers to find the last PlayScoof magazine with the code.
* Optional: you can buy matches and light all the candles in the sewers, 
  then you will get a map that you may need.
* Tip: Upgrade and purchase, as you will be facing a boss with about 300 xp. 
  (it is good to use miracle milk against him).
* Go into the room leading to the delivery service and come to the picture. 
  Then enter the code.(14942588)
* Run to the right until you see a passage.
* Before the next passage I advise you to save yourself, for BOSS.
* After the victory, I also advise you to save, for the fork of the endings.
* Voila, you have opened two endings Tabu. One will be waiting for you on 
  the 15th day, if you have not paid in time

-=Ending – Factory=-
* Buy one Long Island Cocktail and come to Vara in the evening (not tired). 
  Further you can find her by the river (go from the stop Nishuganovo right 
  on the road. At the top of the location will be a small path)
* Buy bricks, you can and one (if you want to do saveskum). And go to the 
  river, after which interact with the hole. After activating the mechanism 
  go to the caves (entrance to them, opens on a micro-quest, from the 
  grandfather in the complex . On the fifth day)
* Go through the caves in search of chests, there you will find a key. Which 
  opens a strange door
* There, in the cave go to the deepest part of the cave jumping over the rocks 
  and see the scene with goblin girl(the next day go to Vara and get money from her).
* Use the key from the strange door you got earlier and get into the museum.
* Buy the Painting for 10000 and go to Vara’s place
* That’s it, all conditions are fulfilled, wait for day 15 and you’ll get another  
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