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Magical Girl Celesphonia Cheats

Magical Girl Celesphonia

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret area:
Written by T.F.H
The game developers have already give players the exploration tools to 
find secret areas, all you gotta do is just upgrade it and go to places 
to find it
sewer boss location
come back to the boss location after defeating the boss and then move 
right and then you will see chests in the room
sewer ( pink water area )
go to top right of pink water where you can see two chest just before you 
about to step out of the water, there is a secret path that leads to a boss 
guarding a chest
renegade bar area 3F
go hug on the wall right of this room, there will a path in the middle of 
the wall near the trashes that leads to a chest
renegade base 4F
start from the staircase to 4F then walk to the first room you see, there 
will be lone red renegade in the room then go hug the wall on the right of 
screen ( near 2 sofa with a table) there will be invisible black entrance 
to another room with a boss guarding a chest.
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