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MachiaVillain Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

-=How to Activate=-
Written by GimmeCat

* Unpause the game. 
* Press the 'a' key followed by typing any of the following codes.

Code                 Effect
addmoney          - Adds 7000 Gold.
addevilpoint      - Adds 1000 Evilium.
addstone          - Adds 50 Stone.
addwood           - Adds 50 Wood.
addevilwood       - Adds 50 Evil Wood.
addall            - Adds 50 of each: Stone, Wood, Evil Wood, Metal. 
                    Also adds 7000 Gold.
addfood           - Adds 10 of each: Raw Meat, Raw Brain, Bone, Blood, 
                    Smoked Meat, Smoked Brain, Smoked Blood.
addbasic          - Adds 60 of each: Smoked Meat, Smoked Brain, Smoked Blood. 
                    Also adds 2 Bone, 500 Wood, 200 Evil Wood, 1000 Gold, 
                    10 Stone, 10 Metal.
adddemo           - Adds 50 Smoked Meat, 50 Smoked Brain, 160 Evil Wood, 
                    600 Wood, 1000 Gold.
build             - Instantly Build Everything.
dbg               - Shows the Debug Menu.
addfresh          - Adds 20 of each: Meat, Brain, Blood.
addstartfurniture - Adds 1 Bench, 1 Victim Door.
addsmallfood      - Adds 10 Smoked Meat, 10 Smoked Brain.
addxppoint        - Levels all Minions by +1.
sendvictim        - Sends currently selected ad campaign/Victim wave immediately.
allweapon         - Adds 1 of every weapon.
allwearable       - Adds 1 of every clothing/accessory item.
allcosumable      - Adds 2 of every consumable/potion.
healall           - Fully heals all Minions.
addresearchpoint  - Adds 20 of both Basic and Advanced Research Points.
addevilium        - Adds 10,000 Evilium.
allprecious       - Adds 10 of each: Gold Nuggets, Gold Coins, Circuit Boards.
allother          - Adds 10 Spider Thread, 10 Spider Poison.
unlockall         - Unlocks all Research projects.
nofogofwar        - Disables Fog of War/Limited sight range.

Note: Activating them seems to vary on whether or not you need to capitalise 
the first letter of the code after pressing 'a'. So if for example 'aaddsmallfood' 
doesn't work, try 'aAddsmallfood' instead.

Priority Arrangement Tips & Tricks:
Let’s go over some arrangement ideas, but don’t take these as set rules. 
Arrange your priorities to your tastes.

* You’re going to get to a point where you’ll need to have minions working 
  at your factory workstations almost perpetually, so factory work should 
  be one of the highest priorities.
* Extinguishing fires should be at the top — it doesn’t happen often, but 
  it’s in your best interest to get them stomped out as quickly as possible.
* Working in the home office should be a high priority as well, as incoming 
  victims are your primary source of food.
* Once you have traps that need to be refilled, the refilling job needs to 
  be set at the higher end of the priority list.

These are just some tips, and it all gets much easier once you have more 
minions and those with more work slots. You should try to balance an individual
minion’s jobs so they have one “primary” task that will take up most of their 
time (factory, laboratory, home office, building, mining) with the others 
(chop wood, maintenance, refill, training) being less urgent.

Infinite Gold:
Follow these steps:

* Pause the Game (Press Space)
* Press ESC to display the main menu.
* Then, go to minions section and sell all the minions.
* Press ESC and you will receive the money.
* Repeat this process as much as needed.

Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game. 
It is likely to eventually get patched.

Beginner Victim Behavior:
* The victim’s default behavior is to stick together and occasionally 
  explore a new room. The delay between going to a new room is very long.
* When encountering a distraction (TV, Bookcase, etc) A single victim will 
  move to and sit at the distraction.
* This victim is completely oblivious. You can move your monsters into the 
   room and even loudly murder someone else without them noticing. They do 
   become aware if attacked.
* The rest of the victims immediately move on to explore another room if a 
  person gets distracted. This simulates a horror movie trope.
* Every distraction increases a victim’s happiness. Let them live and encounter 
  distractions until they reach 20 happiness and they will call out and reduce 
  your suspicion level.

Basic Tips on Building:
* Things are built in the order you give the command. If you need a specific 
  item built ahead of the queue you don’t have to undo all the commands. Select 
  a minion and right click the specific items. 
  You can tell them to “build this first.”
* Set floors first. Minions move dramatically faster over floor than on dirt. 
  There is a movement penalty for dirt and for carrying materials as well. On 
  top of that flooring seems to negate the carrying penalty. Overall you will 
  save huge amounts of building time if you set the floors first.
* Minions will wall themselves in. 
  Best to just plan for door positions ahead of time.
* You can place a door on top of a built wall and it’ll replace. What it doesn’t 
  do is place a floor under the door. You’ll have to do so manually.
* Light everything. Minions work faster in light and victims get scared in 
  the dark.
* Light can be blocked by objects thus negating its benefits. 
  A good example of this is the table and chairs for kitchens.
* Tearing things down gives a full refund of all materials. 
  So feel free to rebuild and experiment.

Hiring New Minions:
Written by Promethian

I see a lot of people asking on the forum how to hire new minions. 
Thus this quick guide.

-=How to Hire New Minions=-
This is the same as in my full Beginner's Guide. I'm setting this as a stand alone 
guide because it is a commonly asked question and I think more people would miss 
it if it was only part of a greater guide. 

The primary way to get new minions is by spending Evilium in the Crypt. The Crypt 
is one of the buttons on the bottom of your screen and don't feel bad that you 
didn't think to click it before now. There is a lot to take in with the building, 
victims and feeding so it took me a while to realize its importance as well. 

As you build your house and kill victims you'll unlock some minion slots. This is
 the best place to get new ones. It costs only 260 Evilium to get two applicants 
of the minion type of your choice and you can hire (or reject) both if you like. 
For reference that is only two days worth of Evilium if you are doing the 3 victim 
ad and getting them all alone. 
Which should be easy with the tips in the previous section. 

With the other two crypt tabs you can spend Evilium to unlock new monster types 
that you can put an ad out for and unlock more minion slots. Unlike putting out 
an ad the price increases for every purchase in these tabs. So building up the 
Evilium from proper victim slaying is highly recommended. Also do not hesitate 
to spend your Evilium. Its used for nothing else and the more minions you have 
the faster you can craft the horrendously expensive advanced tier stuff.

You will occasionally get a visit from a merchant who will sell you minions. 
He draws from every type of monster and they cost around 4000 cash (not Evilium). 
I have personally rarely purchased from him. Mostly because he rarely has a 
minion that I really want.
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