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Lil' Guardsman Cheats

Lil' Guardsman

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

4-Star Guide for Partial Levels:
Written by MostAnimalsAreCute

Ever wanted to get 4 stars on a level with no effort? Well this is for you! 
These solutions are the best ones I have found to avoid using your good ol’ 
crystals and still get the job done nicely.

-=Mrs. Abernathy=-
This one is pretty easy. You just have to let her pass and it’s on to the next 
hopeful passerby.
1.Inspect anything you want to- it’s important to know what resources are available!
2.Let her in- Despite what the writ says, caution is unwarranted against Mrs. 
  Abernathy today. Letting her pass will get you that gold ribbon with ease!

-=Tyronius Athanatos=-
1.Tease- Of course you have to tease this pretentious prick first! He’s clearly 
  up to no good, insulting our precious Lil.
2.Truth spray- Turns out this “renowned mage” wants to incite a rebellion in 
  the sprawl!
3.Call Ashe- She needs to know that her precious speech-giver is a rebel!
4.Deny him! Letting him enter even after finding out his nefarious plans? 
  That’s a no-go!

-=Denise D’Cyclops=-
1.Trust- Why would you doubt this protective mama bear who clearly wants the 
  best for her children?
2.Trust- Sometimes you need to listen to someone’s story. Hear them out.
3.Decoder ring- Something doesn’t seem right! It looks like her boys can’t spell! 
  Oh, and also that Kellii is nightmore.
4.Admit her! She needs to give that lady a talking-to if she’s going to be bad 
  to her kids.

-=Grumpkin T. Dankworth (& Whelp)=-
1.Bullwhip- You can easily find out about the blood gold they are carrying using 
  this. You can also earn some sweet sweet cash by confiscating this!
2.Deny- Letting such a shady visitor in? Really? It’s not time to ruin The 
  Sprawl yet!

-=Garby Bunches=-
1.Return his papers and ID- it’s not a good idea to confiscate them.
2.Tease- Why pass up the chance to hear Lil say touche?
3.Trust- No need to doubt an honest merchant!
4.Call Malcomb! Time for your first payment of many!
5.Admit him! Did you really want no one to do business with?
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