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Last Tale Cheats

Last Tale

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Bosses Guide:
Written by Level Drain Succubus

This is a guide on how to easily beat every boss.

-=Normal Bosses (Easy)=-
Knifey Goblin Ė Focus on dodging using the X key teleport. Fire only a few shots. 
The best way to dodge while having enough time to recover energy is to teleport 
right when he is leaving the corner or is passing through the middle so he has 
to stop at the end of his path, turn around and run to the other end while you 
are charging there the whole time.

Jumping Eagle Ė Start the battle waiting at the edge of the stage until its 
bulllets are fired. When it is hopping forward, go right in front of where it 
started its jump since it will never hop right in front of itself. Try to shoot 
it right when it lands then jump and land a few extra hits. When he reaches the 
other end of the stage, you should be able to fire two shots then walk all the 
way to the other edge, probably not getting hit at all. If you are worried about 
getting hit, teleport upward and rest on his next hopping turn.

Jetpack Ice Block Destroyer Ė This boss is arguably the most difficult to deal 
with in this mode. When he finishes shooting, he will fly over the iceblocks 
while dropping bombs and then descend to the other side to start shooting again. 
When he is crossing the ice blocks, focus on dodging, but also staying low to 
the ground before he reaches the other side. If you are jumping when he reaches 
the other side, he will placed too high and can safely shoot you. And you donít 
want this to happen because the blocks will just get destroyed. Try to be on 
ground level the whole time he is descending down the sideÖ. he takes a while 
too shoot anyway. Fire in a standing position, usually through the ice blocks 
as you donít want to be right in front. You should be able to jump over the 
shots he fires very easily and land with enough time to fire 3 to 5 hits. When 
this boss is at low health, it will only fire the laser briefly then swiftly fly 
over the ice blocks, dropping a bomb for just about every one of them, so be aware,
but stay calm as the same strategy should work and you should be able to get 
enough extra health to survive the bombs.

The Monkey Ė This boss is kind of harmless. You are given ample time to rest. You 
have to get close to its rapid fire range in order to be able to hit its head, 
but this should be easier than it sounds. The only thing to watch out for is homing 
orbs that move more slowly than the rapid fire, and the Monkey rapid firing while 
it repositions itself which happens often in its low health phase. If it is moving 
and shooting, just teleport away from where it is moving and recover your energy. 
You really donít have much to worry about.

-=Final Boss (Easy)=-
This is the section most people are going to need help with. Although there is 
another guide that tells you to use the blindspot within your opponentís body 
to win the battle, this is pretty difficult to do consistently, especially when 
the boss is reaching for health, only to immediately turn back and shoot you.
-=So what is the best strategy for this boss?=-
It might seem counter-intuitive, but you have one tool that they donít and it 
screws the AI over big time.

While fighting the opponent normally, I found that you could wait and jump 
without shooting and this was able to do some work. This wasnít effective 
enough to win with, however, especially when the boss changed phases so timing 
was much, much harder, if not impossible. But sometimes, I noticed the boss 
would be knocked toward you instead of away. This can be very annoying if you 
are anywhere in the middle of the stage, but if you are in the corner, this 
reveals the enemyís vital weaknessÖ. In the corner, it will keep shooting out 
of the corner and these shots wonít hit you, even if you are a little bit in 
front of her.

But this isnít the ultimate strategy as you cant reproduce it, probably. It 
seems to happen when you jump shoot and the opponent is also in the air, but 
it is still random apparently.

INSTEAD, teleport up in the corner!!!!!!!!! Iím a genius, right??? Well the 
thing about this boss is that she is stalking you, tracking you down, but she 
is staying in the range to shoot you with. But she still has that error where 
she gets stuck in the corner, shooting away from you. By teleporting up and in 
the corner, the AI will want to keep as little distance as possible, and is 
therefore willing to trap itself in the corner voluntarily.

As long as you are inside the boss, you can shoot her and she canít shoot you. 
The only time there is potential trouble is when she goes jumping for some health, 
so make sure to save some energy and recharge inside her for the moments when she
 goes to grab health. Also remember that she has about equal health to you, so you 
can be a bit riskyÖ. However, you are going to also need to save energy for the 
two checkpoint-like things that you have to destroy. After killing one of the 
clones, you can take down one of these as long as you have most of your energy. 
You will have to run without shooting afterwards but when you are in the corner 
trapping the clone with you, you are the one receiving the health at least half 
the time so you arenít going to be losing health quickly enough for it to matter.

Once you have taken out both checkpoint-like objects, you should change your 
tactic a little bit. Health collectibles spawn more often in this scenario. But 
remember that you also donít need to save up your energy for the checkpoint-like 
objects anymore since they are destroyed. Use your energy more recklessly to 
sneak in more hits because otherwise she might heal every hit you deal.

With that, you should easily win.
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