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Landfall Archives Cheats

Landfall Archives

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Fix Low FPS:
Written by That Raccoon

When you played the game you might have noticed that the fps sucks, 
but here is how you fix it.

-=The Simple Solution=-
* Go to the Properties of the game.
* Then go to Launch Options.
* You may have to type something here and you do
* Type in the Launch Options:
  -screen-width 1280 -screen-height 720
* And now youíre good to go!

Weapon Locations (Creepy Robots):
Written by InkedRushed

To survive the longest in Creepy Robots, you need better weapons. 
This guide is to help you find them.

At a rooftop in the map by a destroyed concrete tunnel, there should 
be a AK-47 floating by it under a small overhang.

In a dumpster at the opposite end of the map from where you spawn, 
there should be an Uzi floating in it.

Straight ahead from where the Uzi is located, there should be a section 
with a big pole and a small wall. This has a revolver floating in it.

Physics Fighter Special Moves:
Written by daddynmatty

Playing Physics fighter and want a way to deal more damage? 
Well youíve come to the right place.

-=Ultimate Move=-
All attacks are used at the same time focused on one target. 

-=Knockback Punch=-
Punch with both hands dealing more knockback.

-=Upperkick / Lowerkick=-
Focus your camera angle at either the enemyís feet or head and kick them 
which will propel them that way. this is helpful because kicking up allows
you to combo them easier and kicking them down will make them fall and take 
longer to stand up. 
- look up/down+F.

How To Get All Endings To Blob Game:
Written by raphstamos

This guide will explain to you how to get all 3 endings on this strange/
unsettling game on the Land Fall Archives.

-=Eaten Ending=-
* Wait 10-15 seconds for the cubes to spawn in 
  (They will be opposite the Blob in a corner).
* Give in to the creature and do what he says, put the cubes down the hole.
* Wait for the blob to tell you they are poisonous.
* From here the Blob will expand in size until you are eventually eaten.
* That is Ending 1.

-=Poison Ending=-
* Wait 10-15 seconds for the cubes to spawn in 
  (They will be opposite the lob in a corner).
* Donít listen to the creature and instead put any amount of cubes in his 
  mouth (The amount doesnít matter).
* Here the blob will tell you they are poisonous and its mouth will 
  start to foam.
* A pink gas will fill the room and you eventually black out.
* This is Ending 2.

-=Zapped Ending=-
* Literally do Nothing for 3 minutes.
* I promise this will be the longest 3 minutes of your life.
* After 3 minutes a weird zap machine will come down, the man on the 
  comms will spend about 30 seconds trying to get it to work.
* After this you will be zapped.
* That is ending 3.
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