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Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Cheats

Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Luck Stat: Guide and Theories:
Written by Enik

A guide dedicated to pooling known information regarding Luck, until 
a more concrete guide comes along.

What This Guide Is: This guide is a place to post theories and discoveries 
regarding the Luck stat in Labyrinth of Refrain. Hopefully this information 
will help other players work with this vague stat.

-=Luck Scale=-
At this point in time, I believe the luck scale goes as below:

Although some equipment has a luck stat associated with it, I have yet to 
figure out how it relates to the scale above. It is not yet known whether 
attempting to increase luck above fortunate, or below despair, has any effect. 
These are the highest and lowest levels that will be reflected on the stats 

-=How Luck is Determined=-
This was a big mystery to me when I first started the game. No tutorial tells 
you how luck is determined, but it is hinted at in the Witch's Petitions. 
Hopefully this information clears it up for everyone.

From my research thus far, luck is determined by: name of puppet AT creation. 
I know this sounds a bit far fetched, but try it yourself. Name different 
characters, the same name, and watch as they all come out with the same luck 
stat (barring other modifiers, such as stance).

Based around my limited testing, changing the puppet name via Witch's Petition 
Does Not affect luck. Only the birth name matters.

-=Other things that affect Luck are=-
Stance - Moon Stance appears to drop luck by 1 tier.
Lucky Star - This Aster Knight skill appears to increase luck by at least 2 tiers.

-=Known Names=-
Below are the names that I know will produce specific results. Try them out for yourself.


Aloise - Despair is a great tier for Theatrical Star, for their skill that increases AVD by 35%.






Ileen - Eye-leen. Since I and l look so similar.


Lucky - That's correct. As if to make things easy on us, naming a puppet Lucky produces 
the highest tier of luck. Neat, right?

Tips and Tricks:
Things to Know Before Playing

Donít bother grinding with the initial party the game gives you, itíll soon be replaced 
by characters you make.

An early dungeon navigation skill you get is the ability to break down some walls. 
These are light brown on the minimap while unbreakable walls are yellow. Some lead to 
mandatory areas as early as the first dungeon, so fill out every map square you can and 
donít ignore them as optional.
Gray chests usually have equipment, glowing circles in the game world are items or 
treasures. An early pace-killing quest requires 10 saltpeter, so donít sell any until 
after and hit the treasure circles early.

Holding down R, A, or B speeds up combat animations. The gameís very grindy, so expect 
to use this a lot.

Most menus, including combat, have multiple displays scrolled through via the right stick.

Troops are organized in covens. The pact used for a coven defines what dronum (magic) 
is available to them and some spells require specific slots to be filled in order to be 
usable. Attack spells work off the average dronum power stat of the groupís attackers, 
but support/heal spells donít care. How you fill support slots mostly doesnít matter 
unless that specific pact gives a boost based on the soldierís stats, though mages have 
a skill that boosts the covenís dronum power if itís a caster group. XP is shared among 
a coven, so slots can be left open if you want to focus on specific characters.

Basic damage types are piercing (purple, usually knight, archer), blunt (yellow, usually 
mage, dancer, gothic once unlocked) or slash (blue, usually tank, rogue (depending on 
weapon)) and some weapons have secondary spell element effects. The type of damage is 
designated by a colored square above the unitís portrait. Piercing is generic, though 
it seems to especially work on armored characters with visible fleshy bits. Slash is 
good for enemies with unarmored skin and bugs/plants. Blunt is good for stony/rocky 
enemies and is particularly good in the first few dungeons. The game says Effective if 
the enemy is vulnerable to that damage type, Mismatch means the character is in the 
wrong vanguard/rearguard row for their weapon type.

Battle items are only usable with individual commands (Y button, costs 1 reinforcement).
It also allows you to swap characters mid-fight or change to off-hand weapons. 
Dual-wielding is mostly pointless unless itís either a shobishi with their S+ weapon 
or you want to use this to swap weapon types mid-fight.

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