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King's Quest 6 - Heir Today Gone Tomorrow Cheats

King's Quest 6 - Heir Today Gone Tomorrow

Thwarting the 5 Trolls: 
On Wonder Island, You'll run into 5 trolls, each with only one 
sense. They are the guards of the island and will kill you if 
they find out you're a human. Here's how to decieve them. 

Nose troll: 
Show him the skunk flower (From mountain island) 

Ears troll: 
Play the mechanical nightengale (From the pawn shop) 

Tongue troll: 
Feed him the mint (From the Pawn shop) 

Hands troll: 
Show him the rabbit's foot (From the wrecked barge) 

Eyes troll: 
Pour invisible ink on yourself (From the basket outside Pawn Shop) 

When the eye troll sees nothing, he'll call the others morons and 
they'll a ll run away. 

The objects needed to trick the guardian trolls are:

Jumbo Nose
stinky flower
from Isle of Scacred Mountain

from Isle of Scacred Mountain

humming bird
from the pawn shop

Invisable Ink
the pawn shop owner dumps it out

from the pawn shop
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