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King of Crabs Cheats

King of Crabs

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Gameplay Tips:

-=How to unlock crabs / rare crabs=-
The answer is simply - pay or play.

-=How to win a game=-
The idea is to kill & eat other crabs and animals (also bananas, coconuts, etc) 
to grow in size. Then, as you get bigger, you can attack more powerful enemies. 
You get points for everything and it's point that make you rise through the 
leaderboard - whoever is #1 is the King! Until they die or quit. 
There's no real 'win' in the main game mode.

-=What is the best crab for starters=-
The first 'Brown Crab' is actually quite good. Because it has unlimited boosts 
special, you can pick your fight, for example..

Against AI: Find weaker opponent, wait until they lower their health fighting each other.
Against bigger opponents: evade, find and stack similar weapons + shield.
Against different league crabs (Robot/Alien/Coconut): find friend.

Save the special when you're in trouble, or when you need to get an extra power 
for the final blow.
Note: Elbow crab has one awesome PVP attack.

-=About size and level=-
If crabs levelled up and/or have equipment (weapons, shields) then things can get 
a bit hairy! They can also be using powerups and whatnot - lots more than just size. 
Size just = health, really. And status.

Also the bigger you are, the faster your HP drains, so you need to keep eating to 

-=The deal with player hermit crabs=-
Keep hitting him to rebuild up your SP and stamina. When you're at full, bait him 
out of it by "walking away". You have an advantage because when he turns off his Sp 
super, he has none and you have yours back at full and proceed to wreck him.

Hermit crabs are very easy to deal with but they are time consuming and frustrating. 
Be careful not to retaliate if a nearby bigger crab is going to kill you while 
you're killing the hermit.

-=Crab level equals to starting size=-
If you have an Crab on level 20, you start with 20% size. Nothing more or less.

You would need to implement an special "power level" gauge, which shows how many 
stat points, skill points and what their hat level is, if you want to know how 
strong/weak someone else is, which is just an cluster of information if you want 
it displayed while you play.

-=About speed stat=-
The speed stat increases only movement speed not attack speed.

-=About skill points=-
Skill points work on all crabs, only stat points are for a single crab only and 
they do not transfer (if you get blue crab skill points you can not use them for 
brown crab, for example).

You can save them or use them, they are more or less uncommon, but you should 
get a few from leveling your rank.

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