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Killing Time Cheats

Killing Time

Cheat Codes:
Enter these cheats during game play

Code              Description
iamapoophead     - God mode
scoobysnack      - 200% energy
opensezme        - All keys
whoopdang        - All weapons and ammo
bodybags         - All Tess' objects
stryder          - Five of weapon 7
idkfa            - Suicide
garylake         - Suicide
crypto           - Temporary walk speed boost to selected hero.

Enter name as:
Name             Effect
john woo       - Double pistols.
chow yun fat   - Double pistols.
burger         - Shotgun.
edge           - 28 Molotov cocktails.
stryder        - Five of Anhks.
mad dog        - Double barreled shotgun/Flame-thrower.
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