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KickBeat Steam Edition Cheats

KickBeat Steam Edition

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "It's All in the Mind" achievement:
To reach a 500 combo you must beat 500 enemies in the row without any mistakes.
This involves kicking each enemy and picking up every bonus from them, including
non-score bonuses such as Chi, etc. To do this easier, select Survival mode. 
Keep restarting it until two easy songs appear (for example, enV songs or any 
song you are skilled at). Complete both of them perfectly. 

Easy "Pure Perfection" achievement or trophy:
Select "Help & Options", then "Visuals" and disable the "Clean HUD" option. 
Select a slow-paced and relatively short song, such as "enV - Bloom". Play 
the desired song until all hits are "Perfect". After each hit a circle around
you will blink with hit precision information. If it is not a cyan "Perfect",
restart the song. You will see the number of perfect hits at the end of the 
song. You do not have to build a perfect combo. Ignore collecting the power-ups
and concentrate on perfect hits only. 

Easy "Unlikely Survivor" achievement:
Restart Survival mode until an "enV" song appears on the second position. 
Pass the first song and intentionally lose 90% of your health while doing 
so. Although your exact health is not displayed, if your health appears as a 
round dot with a very small tip that is not larger than dot's diameter it 
will be in the correct range. Continue to the next track and pass it perfectly.
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