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Keeper's Toll Cheats

Keeper's Toll

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for Defeating Sporelord Rotwood:
In general, though, destroy the healing shrooms as soon as he 
spawns them. keep an eye out for those. they are the flashing 
red shrooms that appear.

When he enters his charging state, more of them will spawn too. 
While you can defeat him without talents, building your talent 
tree will do wonders to increasing your damage output, as well 
as utilizing the merchant items. First though, which character 
are you using, and let me offer some tips based on that.

With the bogatyr (first character) unlocking the ability Tempest 
(third row talent) will do wonders to crowd control and damage.

And also, donít forget to put points into the knowledge system. 
Whatever strengths you feel you are lacking can probably get a 
small boost there. and I just want to mention the shadow essence 
vial (merchant item) we added in the latest update.

This can be used with any character class and offer you a huge 
boost to damage and crowd control:

* Unlock those rare merchant item slots from the merchant.
* Get a run going where you can purchase the new Shadow Vial.
* Make sure you have points in Crit (use the knowledge system) to 
  dump some points in critical attack chance. this merchant item 
  can be a game changer.
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