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Into The Flames Cheats

Into The Flames

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Radio Codes 4 Multiplayer:
Written by Matt Casey.

These are some radio codes to use when playing with other people on Into The Flames.

-=Radio Codes=-
10-01 Call your quarters or other unit (specify)

10-02 Return to quarters

10-03 Call the dispatcher by telephone

10-04 Acknowledgment

10-05 Repeat message

10-06 Stand by

10-07 Verify address/location

10-08 In-service by radio

10-09 Off the air

10-10 Unit location

10-11 Radio test count (one to eleven)

10-12 Preliminary report

10-14 Roster staffed engine company (one officer & four firefighters)

10-18 Return all units except 1 engine AND 1 ladder

10-19 Return all units except 1 engine OR 1 ladder

10-20 Proceed at reduced speed

10-21 Brush fire

10-22 Outside rubbish fire

10-23 Abandoned/derelict vehicle fire (ADV)

10-24 Auto fire

10-26 Food on stove

10-27 Compactor or incinerator fire (no extension)

10-28 Subway/railroad fire, smoke or emergency (non-medical)

10-47 Request police (specify crowd, traffic, security, apprehension)

10-48 Request police forthwith for harassment

10-50 Generic notification

10-51 Suspension of outside activities

10-60 Major emergency (Bldg. collapse, train wreck, non-airport plane crash, etc.)

10-66 Missing, lost, trapped or seriously injured member and additional resources 
are required (transmission of the next higher alarm plus the matrix assignment)

10-70 Water supply relay required

(advise the second due engine they are designated as water resource unit)

10-75 Notification of a Fire or Emergency

(Response of 4 engines, 2 ladders, 2 BCs, Rescue, Squad, 1 FAST Truck)

10-76 Notification of a Fire in a High-Rise Bldg (Commercial or U/G)
(Response of 4 Engines, 4 Ladders, 4 BCs, 1 DC, 1 Rescue, 1, Squad, Safety Ops BC, 
Rescue Ops BC, Safety Officer (5th BC), 1 FAST Truck, 1 CFR-D Engine, 1 (E) Lobby 
Control Unit, 1 (E) Comm Unit, 1 Field Comm Unit, 1 Mask Service Unit, 1 Hi-Rise Unit 
w/ (E), Tactical Support Unit, RAC unit, 1 Public Information Officer & EMS Resources)

10-77 Notification of a Fire in a Hi-Rise OMD [occupied multiple dwelling]
(4 Engines, 4 Ladders, 3 BC, 1 DC, 1 Rescue,1 Squad, Safety Ops BC, Rescue Ops BC, 
1 Safety Officer (4th BC), 1 FAST Unit, 1 CFR-D Engine, 1 Ventilation Support Unit ,
Field Comm Unit & EMS Resources. 
(Add 1 Hi-Rise Nozzle Engine IF none of the initial Engines have HRN)

10-80 Haz-Mat incident

10-84 First unit to arrive at box (preliminary report within 5 minutes)

10-85 Fire Marshal requests Police assistance

(specify reason and whether Fire Marshal is armed and in plain clothes)

10-86 Flouroprotein Foam Operations (special assignment)

10-87 High Expansion Foam Operations (special assignment)

10-88 Control of fire

CODE 1  Doubtful will hold

CODE 2  Probably will hold

CODE 3  Will hold

CODE 4  Under control

10-91 Medical emergency EMS, fire unit not required

10-92 Malicious false alarm

10-99 Units will operate over 30 minutes (specify reason)
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