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Infinite Craft Cheats

Infinite Craft

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Make Human:
In the boundless realm of Infinite Craft, creativity knows no bounds. 
With a simple mouse drag, you embark on a journey of discovery, forging 
elements, tools, and fantastical creatures. Among these, humanity 
stands as a remarkable creation, with Adam and Eve serving as the 
cornerstone of this extraordinary recipe.

Adam and Eve, the revered progenitors of humanity, hold a pivotal role 
in Infinite Craft’s narrative. While tradition tells of their genesis 
from a single lineage, in this realm, their creation demands a blend 
of diverse elements and ingenuity.

-=How to Make Adam and Eve=-
Embark on the journey of crafting Adam and Eve, the seminal figures 
of human existence, with just nine elemental combinations. 
Commence by merging the following elements:

* Water + Fire = Steam
* Wind + Fire = Smoke
* Earth + Wind = Dust

With Steam, Smoke, and Dust in hand, expand your repertoire by creating 
three additional elements from these foundational materials:

* Earth + Steam = Mud
* Water + Smoke = Fog
* Earth + Dust = Planet

The final stage requires precision and adherence to a specific sequence. 
Employ Mud, Fog, and Planet in the following order to unveil the 
culmination of your efforts:

* Planet + Fog = Venus
* Venus + Mud = Adam
* Adam + Venus = Eve

Once Adam and Eve grace the digital cosmos of Infinite Craft, the path 
to humanity unfolds effortlessly. Merge these primal figures to usher 
in the dawn of human civilization. From this point forward, endless 
possibilities await as you fuse humanity with an array of elements,
birthing diverse outcomes ranging from earthly vocations to 
extraterrestrial beings.

Fear not the unknown, for within Infinite Craft, experimentation is
not only encouraged but celebrated. Embrace the boundless expanse of 
creativity and craft your own saga of human ingenuity.
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