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Humbug Cheats


Cheat Codes:

Start game --
Inside Hut: x bin, get banana, get shovel
Outside HUt: x letterbox, open envelope, read card, open door
Alcove: pull cord
Cellar: give banana to chimp, get torch
Bedroom: get trombone, x chute = A (amethyst)
Study: x desk, get file, open door with file, get monocle, go 
down turn on
torch, get sweet, wear monocle, read runes (magic word)
[note: you don't need the sweet yet, can get later] Sitting Room: x grandad,
x hat, get feather, read document, play trombone
[follow grandad]

Club: get package
Computer Room: x pedestal, get hammer, give package to hacker
give feather to aardvark
Spare Room: do flour on hair, get gloves, stroke cat, x cat, get coin Well:
(bottom) turn on torch, kick wall, wear gloves, get crowbar Cellar: (drop
all in some convenient place) open crate with crowbar sit in chair -> tunnel
in past
Tunnel: get lamp, get ladder, kick (hug, etc) miner, laugh (smile,etc)
Alcove: lean ladder against wall (explore all rooms, put items on center
table, read slate, keep doll, musket and key), climb ladder
Pub: give doll to barman, give beer to digger, give musket to barman, give
beer to digger.
Outside: x cart, open coffin, put key in coffin, close coffin (return to
study, east, down)
Entrance: x dial
Set dials: first number from slate on first dial, etc. TURN DIAL TO # Center
Chamber: press button [now you get the items from the past]

Octopus: wear goggles (have sweet and amphora)
[take 3 sweets until there is only one left]
Drop amphora, put sweet on plinth, take 1 sweet (get jigsaw puzzle)
SAY MOCCASIN BEEHIVE -> Dweezil (points only)

Sven: (need coin, jigsaw puzzle, cap and goggles)
wear cap and goggles
Galley: x mug -> tea, x tea -> sugar, get sugar
x table -> porridge, give jigsaw to sven, read filofax
[note: the porridge is heavy, so don't carry anything extra]
Island: x dispenser, put coin in slot, press button 5, kick dispenser, get ticket.
Galley: get porridge

carry on from here:
Well Bottom, Rabbit (ruby), Trapdoor (for Wumpus later), Stool Room, Feed
the aardvark, Do the storage room puzzle, put out the fire, complete the
puzzle in the kitchen, do the sea-lion, use the kettle, do the slug, go
outside and cut the fence, do olaf/bus, please kevin, do the
wumpus and Jasper, scare the goose, now you can drop the chain down the
hole--first, get the mattress and put it under the hole, tie the chain to
the lever (still too soon to use it), get the rucksack out of the Waiting
Room, do the fairy (the raspberry should be in her room), do the
bear/trombone, do the maze, get the petrol, wash the wumpus, dispose of the
gems and say the magic word, get the map, put the petrol in the funnel, find
grandad in the Priest's hole, do the chain/tub, wake grandad, give grandad
the polaroid and watch the finale.
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