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Human Farm Cheats

Human Farm

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Get Obey Ending:
I managed to get it. I’m not entirely sure of the exact list of 
conditions, but based on the contents of the ending, you will 
need to have at least:

* Met Ayana and have talked to her.
* Maxxxx using the dxxxo in the warehouse.

There may be other requirements, as during this playthrough I had 
done basically everything that I could think of (gotten the items 
for both endings and every essence of rehabilitation, checked out 
every optional event (basically the two maxxxx ones, viewed both 
variants of the test scene by coming back on a second day, and 
telling Sarah about Kurosawa’s hypothesis), but the ones I listed 
seem the most relevant.

If you’ve fulfilled those (and any other requirements that might be 
necessary, idk), get caught and advance to the start of lust level 
4 (the part where you have to take Karen with you), and wait 
patiently. You’ll get the mixxxg scene of the obedience ending 
(Rehabilitation Failure, top left), but after that the ending will 
be different and unlock the bottom left one.
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