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House Flipper 2 Cheats

House Flipper 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Replace Stairs:
In the old House Flipper, you could sell stairs and easily replace 
them with new stairs

* Unfortunatelly you canít do it, But...
* You can use the flipper tool (sell tool).
* Push R to switch to change style.
* You canít sell existing stairs but you can change the rail style, 
  handrail placement, and textures/colors.

Tips for Sandbox Mode:
Important note: itís for the sandbox mode only.

* You can change the size and shape of windows by the move tool, press
  Q and change it to where you can adjust the size.
* With this action, you can size a (for example) small 100◊100 carpet 
  to a fully customized roomsize carpet!

Hiding Stairs in Story Mode:
* However, I discovered while renovating the house with the basement 
  from one of the earliest cleanup quests (canít remember the name 
  right now), that you can HIDE the staircase.
* I removed access to the basement from the outside, and went to the 
  backyard, and build a floor one block up above the staircase and 
  covered it up.
* I also removed the stairs railings before this. It worked. I then 
  added a staircase down to the yard from the back of the house, above
  the stairs and that hid it as well.
* So there are ways to hide stairs until we can get access to demolishing 
  them in story mode.

How to Decorate with Paintings:
Written by FltDeck

At first it appears paintings and photography blowups are not in HF2, 
but think again!

-=How to Art=-
* Copy and paste your jpegs into:
* C:\Users\Owner\Documents\House Flipper 2\Pictures
* Then pick one of the blank frames (size doesnít matter, itíll set it to 
  the correct aspect ration and you can scale later).
* In the customization menu hit custom picture.
* Thereíll be two tabs at the top, ďbuilt inĒ for the usual generic HF 
  stuff and the other is ďUserĒ, which after refreshing will have the 
  images you copied over.
* Photos work too, but big blown up photographs are hard to decorate with, 
  (certainly not portraits).

If you know photoshop then maybe slap a Sumi-e or posterization filter on it
and bing bang boom now itís a painting in house flipper.
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