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Hostile Waters - Antaeus Rising Cheats

Hostile Waters - Antaeus Rising

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Cheat mode:
Start the game with the -setusupthebomb command line parameter. 
Press [F8] during game play to display the console window. 
Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to activate the 
cheat function. Press [F8] to resume game play. 

Result                               Code 
All FMV sequences in "Cinema" menu - enableallmovies 1
999999 EJ                          - filthylucre 1
All units are invincible           - invulnerable 1
Full mission map                   - revealmap 1
Successfully complete mission      - winlevel 1
Theme song                         - allyourbasearebelongtous 1
All weapons, vehicles, full energy - buildall
Restart level                      - restartlevel
Resume game                        - resumegame
View Aftermath FMV sequence        - m_aftermath
View Cabal FMV sequence            - m_cabalmovie
View Chamber FMV sequence          - m_chamber
View Cold Movie 1 FMV sequence     - m_coldmovieone
View Cold Movie 2 FMV sequence     - m_coldmovietwo
View Cold Movie 3 FMV sequence     - m_coldmoviethree
View Cold Movie 5 FMV sequence     - m_coldmoviefive 
View Conference FMV sequence       - m_conference
View Culture 5 FMV sequence        - m_culturefive
View Finale FMV sequence           - m_finale
View Flags FMV sequence            - m_flags
View Foreshadow FMV sequence       - m_foreshadow
View Hand H FMV sequence           - m_handh
View IntroFMV sequence             - m_intro
View Nanobot FMV sequence          - m_nanobot
View New Intro End FMV sequence    - m_newintroend
View New Intro FMV sequence        - m_newintro
View New Intro Middle FMV sequence - m_newintromiddle
View Ransom sequence               - m_Ransom
View Smash Tubes sequence          - m_smashtubes
View Terra FMV sequence            - m_terra
View Test Tubes FMV sequence       - m_testtubes
View Tomb Baker Cold FMV sequence  - m_tombakercold
View TV FMV sequence               - m_tv
View UFO FMV sequence              - m_ufo
Differentiates every unit team     - aicolourdebug
Unknown                            - aiscriptdebug
Unknown                            - aitrace
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