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Honkai: Star Rail Cheats

Honkai: Star Rail

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Tips:
* Try to get to Lv.15 as soon as you can
At lv 15 you can start your daily misson, so I think is best to not 
waste anyday, especially with F2P player. 60 gems a day ainít seem much, 
but itís honest work.

* Spend your energy wisely
Know your priorities. You donít have much at the start, so I think is good 
to use your stamina on the right thing. For each role/element you will only
need 1 character, so try to stick with them and maximize their power. (Also
having a healer will help you to have easier overall experience with the 

* In theory of course invest the one you wanted to.
- Explore maps, get chests, hunt space
- Monster will be reset daily so buckle up and mow them down. You will need 
  material for converse anyway. Little give you 60 gem so donít let them get 

* You are not as rich as asta, so keep workin.
- Donít farm Artifacts
- Until you reach 40, I think is unnecessary to waste your energy on it. Since 
  exploring map can give you enough artifacts to use until you can farm for the
  gold one.

* But who am I to judge if you farm eh.
- Check your inbox frequently
- Since side quests always come from it, remember to read all the messages when 
  it appear.
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