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Holo X Break Cheats

Holo X Break

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Beat Laplus:
Tips to Deal with Laplus

-=Speed Matters=-
Boost your SPD stats to shorten charge time, making it easier to dodge 
attacks. Having high HP helps absorb mistakes, while ATK assists in 
dealing damage, though some enemies may remain tough to beat.

-=Use Items=-
Items are handy for offense and defense. Healing items keep you safe, 
while offensive items helps to deal damage.

-=Attack Patterns=-
* Laplus often teleports and attacks with balls immediately after. While 
  sheís not protected during this, you can hit her or dodge.
* When Laplus is surrounded by balls, stand inside the circle and use 
  auto combos to hit her.
* Dodge Laplusís circular pattern attacks by moving to the edges of the 
  screen or performing vertical or diagonal rolls.

-=Special Attacks=-
Laplusís summons move is easy to dodge. Save special attacks for critical 
moments, especially during tough phases.

-=Weapon Choice=-
Certain weapons, like the Shuriken or Fork, knock her down easily. Bring 
these weapons along for an easier fight. Also, having healing items like 
Botanís ramen and Mayonnaise helps.

-=Hitbox Issues=-
Laplusís hitbox may be inconsistent with certain attack items. Aim 
carefully, possibly targeting her horn for better results.

-=Gear Upgrades=-
It improves your chances of survival. Consider upgrading gear for better 
performance in battles.

-=Short Summary=-
* During Laplusís triple ball combo, aim for gaps between bursts and dodge 
  through the big ball to hit her.
* When Laplus charges orbiting balls, take the chance to land charged 
  normal attacks.
* Characters with ranged charged normals can knock Laplus down after she  
  casts BL Circles, as she lacks armor to interrupt it.

Projectile Items On Bosses:
The bosses are actually weakest against your secondary items. Any items 
that let you shoot out projectiles and have them stay on the screen for 
an extended period (such as the BL Books and Angel Stars) can potentially 
rack up tons of damage in seconds depending on how they're positioned and/
or how you move. For example, you can trigger the BL Books to spin around 
you, and then do evasive rolls around the screen; this will let you dodge 
most attacks, keep up with the boss, and do damage from a distance. Since 
the bosses telegraph their moves and aren't programmed to avoid hazards, 
you can whittle their health down easily.

Saving Ollie:
In the beach level, you'll come across Ollie's head, which can be used as 
a weapon. However, don't use it. Instead, finish the fight, pick it up, 
and carry it to the next section of the level. There you'll find Ollie's 
headless body pacing around. If you reconnect her head with her body, Ollie 
will reward you with extra coins.
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