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HoloCure - Save the Fans! Cheats

HoloCure - Save the Fans!

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips to Weapons and Enchantments:
It was one of the unlocks in the store.

When you unlock it, it will randomly place a Enchantment on some 
the weapons each game.

* If the weapon doesnít have an enchantment, or you donít like an Enchantment, 
  an Anvil, can be used to enchant or reroll an enchantment.
* Additionally, With 2 enchanted weapon collab with each other, the collab 
  weapon will inherited both enchanted and you can reroll the enchantment with
  anvil for 2 instead of 1 enchantment.
* Also, if you pick a weapon without an enchantment, it will stay enchantment-
  less until you apply one using an anvil, but you can choose something different
  and wait for the same weapon to appear again with an enchantment this time (if 
  you are a bit lucky).
* If both collab recipes are enchanted, the collab item will get both enchantments.

How to Obtain Skill Issue Achievement:
You donít need to turn fandom off for that, you just cant use character skills 
(Weapons and char abilities are okay).

Like if you use Baelz (which I did), you just have to complete a stage without 
selecting ratNG, down under or cRATical hit from level ups or boxes. You can 
still upgrade her dice and use her absolute chaos ability all you like.

Well the achievement also states not to use skills. And while technically it is 
not really necessary to turn off fandom, you should keep in mind that fandom 
levels make you start with skills already, so it might be necessary unless you
use a character that you donít have any fandom level in.

Also an additional tip: you can actually eliminate the skills on level up (assuming 
you have at least three eliminates unlocked) to prevent you from accidentally 
selecting them and also to have those slots open for other upgrades.
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