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Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion Cheats

Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Defeating Black Robe Group:
Go to daliang city casino find the girl guarded by 6 guys. Then go 
behind her and start a fight. (Using the fight button) she is the 
black robe group leader.

If you have not maxed out your ambush in any of your previous playthroughs 
you might want to visit a winery in any other city and buy all wines from 
there then visit her and get intimate with her before killing her. Learn 
ambush from her and then go ahead,

Friendly tip any skill you completely max out before finishing the game 
stays maxed out every time you restart the game so make a point in maxing 
out machinery eg pathfinding and those kind of skills.

Good luck!

How to Make Guan / Money:
Your main source of income should not come from selling stuff.

Other easy money:
* Gambling dens from Daliang and Lin’an
* Some companions auto generate 1-5 Guan in your party per day
* The hidden arena in ChuXiang for 10 Guan
* The martial arts school in each major cities gives you 1 Guan for 
  training the highest tier disciples
* Han HongYu, the Tiger Escort missions for about 2 Guan per trip

-=You can also abuse the auction house=-
You need to unlock the auction house first. Try selling legendary level 
wood and metal as these are renewables. You’ll get 33+ Guan a pop, 
after tax.

-=To unlock the auction house=-
Get to fame level 4, you’ll get a notification from the Wind Whisper dude 
via pigeon in the world map, walk in the world map further and you’ll be 
challenged to a duel by a red shirt dude, go into the auction house and 
defeat the five dudes.

-=More easy money=-
* Gambling Dens > Bet on low (right) > all in > Make sure the total is 
  not above 10.
* Statistically, the highest the number can be is 18 so it shouldn’t be 
  hard even with low mana.
* Early on if you flirt (kiss up, not actually flirting) with the general’s 
  son in the south city you can make him give you 1 Guan a day, he likes 
  wuxia novels iirc.
* If you’re part of Langya Sword Pavilion, auction out the legendary (up 
  to 40k+) or epic minerals (5K+) that you mine at the auction house in 
  Daliang or the night demon auction outside Daliang.

Where to Go After Certain Levels:
If you are dying before level 10 your stats suck. Get more Str/Con/Int 
next time. Make sure you learn and level up your skills.

At Level 10 you should be fighting the snakes or sparring/dueling with 
the Villagers.

The progression given by the old man is:
* Lost Forest – 1-15
* Wolf Valley – 15-30
* Snow Flower Valley – 30-45
* Soul Destroyer Forest – 45-60
* Longevity Tomb – 60-75

From Level 1-40, you can go into any of the 3 cities and Spar with the Dojo 

Afterwards you can spar with Sect Leaders once a day.

You can also fight the Random Encounters and if you do enough they will turn 
red. They will give far more EXP than fighting Wild Animals.

If you fight enough Random Encounters on the World map, they will eventually 
turn Yellow and get harder.

Keep going and they will turn Red and get even harder. They get harder but 
provide more EXP.

If you don’t fight Random Encounters for a while, they will reset back to Blue.

Useful Tips for Jiuli Tribe and Melody House:
Can confirm they are not mutually exclusive. The real trick is with Miao CaiDie, 
I read somewhere that she will leave Lin’an within 3 days upon your arrival at 
Lin’an. You need to raise your relationship bar with her for her to reveal the 
Jiuli Tribe location.

After unlocking the WuXian Mountain and when you first reach the South West 
region, IGNORE Desert Courtyard and Melody House. Go to Jiuli Tribe and marry 
Miao CaiDie, then only enter the courtyard.

To unlock the Melody House, complete Gu Chingcheng’s quest.

If you mess up the above 3 days cut off, you still have a chance. Since Jiuli 
Tribe is unavailable, you need to go to the Desert Courtyard. Don’t help either 
and kill off both parties.

To enter both Jiuli Tribe and Melody House, kick all party members out and then 
you’ll need to FORCE BATTLE. Don’t engage with the guards, run pass the guards 
until you’re in a safe distance and retreat. You’ll get a penalty of -2 courage. 
Everyone will be neutral towards you except the two guards. Raise your 
relationship with NPC enough and the guards will leave you alone.

How to Get the Rooster Ring:
Location: WuXian Mountain (mountain top) towards the South West region, walk 
towards the cliff with the group of people arguing.

Requirements: 20 Str OR 20 Con OR 20 ropes + 100 Stamina to access.

Recommended to kill off that group of people to obtain a purple armour recipe 
upon entry, you’ll get -20 trustworthy if you don’t share the spoil after 
accessing the location.

* Actually, the most important part about that area is that you should have items 
  to recover stamina and that you shouldn’t signal the others.
* After you go down, use items to recover stamina and check your surroundings. 
  You can cut down a tree to gain access to a place that you can excavate and 
  where you’re gonna find a legendary inner manual and a legendary recipe.
* If you alert the others, they’re gonna destroy the excavation site and the 
  manual and the recipe will be lost.
* Ah, by the way, I said you should use items to recover stamina because, if you 
  meditate, the others are gonna come there before you can excavate.

How to Train Armor Smithing to at Least Intermediate Level?:
* Once in Beginner through the Fabric shops training, grind the Chain Armor 
  mentioned above.
* If you get to all 3 cities Fabric shop owner training you will be Beginner + 
  200 exp in and the Chain Armor gives 60 exp per craft so craft it 5 times to 
  get into advanced.
* With Advanced skill you can craft the Fiery Armor.
* Yeah, armorsmith is finicky and definitely needs reworking.

Where is Ling Mengdie?:
* She is in the building to the right of the map, where her brother, Ling 
  Hongxuan is standing.
* You need to quarrel with the brother when you first met for the door to open.
* Alternatively, you can join the Confucius sect for the door to open

Map for Locations:
* For three big cities (Daliang, Lin’An, and Chuxiang), you can buy the map 
  from the Coachman outside.
* For Confucius sect, someone can give you map when you join them (Haven’t 
  joining other sects yet, but they probably also give the map in same way).
* For some dungeons/areas the method is rather different and not all of them 
  have maps.
* For example Lost Forest (given by someone from Nameless village, Woodcutter) 
  and Longevity Tomb (from reading book).

Resting at Shifa Temple:
Eat some food and don’t train until you’re exhausted.

Also you shouldn’t train your Qinggong up at Shifa unless you have to. It gets 
you like +3 or your entire Stamina bar. You don’t get anything out of Qinggong
until hits 50, and every 50 until 500, then its every 100.

However, you could sleep in the building to the left after the entrance. It is 
guarded by a disciple, and typically, one needs to be a disciple of that sect 
to enter and sleep.

But you can simply choose the “banish” option to send the disciple away without 
losing any points reputation or other. After that, you can enter once they have 
moved far enough away. It works for all the other sects too, when you need to 
sleep while you are a guest.

Banish works to intimidate those of a lower level than yours. The high level 
ones trigger the fight so check with the “Info” command and always quick save 
first just as a precaution. You shouldn’t have any problems with normal people, 
as long as you don’t start banish generals or sect leaders.

How to Get Rich Early (Spoiler):
* In the middle of the nameless village there is a chest that contained the Epic 
  Treasure Map that you can get early.
* Buy a iron shovel at the smithy and go to the Nameless forest.
* In the dead end right smack in the middle of the forest is where the trigger 
  event that let you digs.
* Once you dig up the Treasure you will be super rich!

Machinery Exp:
You can get to level 5 Machinery without Confucius Temple. The easiest way to 
do this is to gain initial machinery exp by getting access to Dirty Street in 
Chuxiang City I believe.

The leader gives 600 Machinery exp. Then I went to the Tomb Raider Sect leader 
and got 1800 exp from him which gets you to Machinery level 3. Then to get archive 
books for the water bandit girl you go to the dragon library which I believe is 
also in Chuxiang.

You can buy books to give to her. Then you go all the way to the water bandit 
hideout and get that 1800 exp which gets you about halfway to level 4. Finally 
you need to get to level 55 and at this point if you are part of the Unparalled 
Sect with the old man (this may be possible with other sects but I haven’t joined 
any other sects yet) he reveals the location of longevity tomb (great place to 
grind levels from 55-70). If you open all the chests in the tomb it will get you 
to machinery level 4 and as long as you have machinery level 3 you can open the 
main door at the end of the tomb.

There is a bunch of chests in here that require machinery level 4 that all give 
500 exp for opening them. This will get you about halfway to level 5. For the 
remaining exp I don’t have any good guide for it but you can get the remainder 
by going back through areas you already cleared and cracking open the chests 

However, I knew that I was going to try for machinery level 5 for this playthrough 
before doing it so whenever I saw I could use machinery to crack open a chest 
even if I had the key to open the chest I would leave it. This is because you 
only get machinery exp if you open it by using the machinery skill.

Bet Quest Tips:
Written by Chrisme

* You can get a legendary dagger manual but only if you have collected the 
  emperor’s seal in the poison tribe village before the quest.
* Sakura will attempt to take the seal from you and after defeating her she will 
  show up in the casino. Defeating her the second time rewards you the manual.
* You can also get an achievement and a legendary throwing manual (pretty useless 
  other than raising throwing for the 200 stat achievement?) for clearing out one 
  of the casinos.
* By clearing I mean winning all the money at all the tables. The owner will then 
  stop you and challenge you to a special game.

How Many Total True Endings Are There?:
Not all endings are true endings. The game calls Stargazing and Enlightenment an 
ending and an Illustration depending on where you look.

-=The True endings are=-
* A new journey – Fake Newcomer
* Jianghu Conqueror
* Jianghu Master
* * Peak of Jianghu
* Foreign Duke – Yan Army quest line
* Loyalty – Path of Loyalty, Ye Family Battalion Quest line
* Nine Factions Sect Master – Old Man Sect quest line
* Wandering in the Martial World – Default ending post Succession War
* Dominating the World – Emperor Ending

Dragon Prison Island Quest:
The answer absolutely is to fold everyone in the camp (more or less). If you do 
the ye army plot line there is a way to sneak in through a rear passage, but you 
will still have to fight your way out.

If you arent hostile with the Yan army, you can always walk in, sneak past the 
guard (you can sneak past him, as long as he isnt looking at the entrance area 
of the prison)

However, even if you do sneak past him, once you break the emperor out, there 
will be scripted fights at various points as you make your way out, which I do 
not believe is avoidable, even if you somehow sneak past the NPCs.

At least you wouldnt have to fight the big shots in the main army tent.
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