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Heroes of Might & Magic 4 Cheats

Heroes of Might & Magic 4

Cheat Codes:
Update by: kerekfym
Submitted by: jens lohse  

Hit TAB and enter any of those cheats: 
Code                   Result
nwcAmbrosia          - free materials 
nwcGoSolo            - autoplay 
nwcAres              - win combat 
nwcAchilles          - lose combat 
nwcHephaestus        - elven chainmail 
nwcEtTuBrute         - dagger of despair 
nwcExcalibur         - ring of greater negation 
nwcNibelungenlied    - sword of the gods 
nwcTristram          - crusaders 
nwcLancelot          - champions 
nwcStMichael         - angels 
nwcSevenLittleGuys   - dwarves 
nwcMerlin            - magi 
nwcCronus            - titans 
nwcBlahBlah          - vampires 
nwcHades             - devils 
nwcUnderTheBridge    - trolls 
nwcKingMinos         - minotaur 
nwcXanthus           - nightmares 
nwcFafnir            - black_dragons 
nwcDoYouSmellBrownies- sprites 
nwcFenrir            - wolves 
nwcFixMyShoes        - elves 
nwcTheLast           - unicorn 
nwcRa                - phoenix 
nwcValkyries         - ogre magi 
nwcGrendel           - behemoth 
nwcPoseidon          - sea monster 
nwcPrometheus        - shroud fow 
nwcAthena            - gain skill 
nwcThoth             - increase level
nwcIsis              - learn spells 
nwcRagnarok          - lose scenario 
nwcHermes            - unlimited movement 
nwcValhalla          - win scenario 
nwcSacrificeToTheGods- max luck 
nwcSphinx            - reveal puzzle map 
nwcAphrodite         - tatooed white trash 
nwcImAGod            - access cheat menu 
nwcPan               - max morale 
nwcCityOfTroy        - build all buildings 
nwcOldMan            - old man jack

Double reward:
Complete a quest. Save the game, then load it again. 
You can double your reward each time.

An easy time at the Strait of the Lost:
When starting Scenario 3, The Strait of the Lost, of the Chaos Campaign, you
begin on a small island with your two heroes and are supposed to land on the
coast spot you can see after using the window of the magi. Then you make your
way to the city Rumport, clearing a quest gate which can only be removed by 
Tawni, and capture it. And one of your objectives is to not loose that city 
once captured. So you have to split your army in two, one part exploring and
conquering, the other defending the city at all costs. However, the map design
is flawed, so you can actually circumvent what is stated above. The reef left
and right on the sides of the passage from the small island to the main island
is not perfectly designed. There are small gaps, where you move through the 
reef. This way you can land on the coast directly at Rumport and don't need 
to open the quest gate. And that way, the enemy can't take the town, unless 
you manage it that the enemy captures one of your boats. Even more, with either
Tawni or Pete having Grandmaster Navigation, you can rush on blue and eliminate
him with just your two heroes while he is still in his start-up phase.

Capturing tows made easy:
Even if the defending army is much stronger as your assaulting army, you can 
still beat them if you "abuse" the game's artificial "intelligence" (well, in 
this case more artificial dumbness). The defender has up to three towers 
(depending on how the fortress has been upgraded), which usually hosts the 
ranged troops, including the enemy hero. All melee units are below. When it's
your turn, attack the enemy ranged units using your own ranged units or spell
caster. Cast fear, daze them, whatever. But do not move your troops! Do not 
attack enemy melee units. The AI will only counter your siege using their own 
ranged troops, even if they are all dead. All melee units go into defence mode
and skip any actions. This is your chance to boost your army with anything you
have, as you have unlimited rounds for this. Let your mage cast Mass Bless, 
Blood Frenzy, Divine Intervention etc. until you think you are ready. Then 
either move one of your units or attack an enemy melee unit. Now the AI begins
to play normally, using their melee units to counter yours.

What's up with Reed?:
In scenario 5, An Unusual Betrayal, of the Order Campaign, you will free a level
1 Knight from a prison nearly at the end of the game. While it is clear that you
need him for a quest gate in the scenario, you may ask yourself at this point: 
"was this all?" And while the scenario info won't spoil you the campaign, I'm 
doing it right now to prevent thoughts like "Damn, had I knew this four levels 
earlier..." In the final scenario of the campaign, you have a computer controlled
ally, which is commanded by Reed. And while there is a slight chance to get stuck
(see the Gavin Magnus missing? entry), you should make him more powerful for that
battle. Which means, before you do the final battle in this scenario, try to visit
all schools and witch huts so that Reed gets as many skills as possible, which 
will help teal in the final scenario, and ultimately yourself.
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