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Heli-Cats Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Scoring Tips:
Watch a mission 1 gameplay video using Cat A to learn the 3 main 
scoring methods. It shows how staying at a low power level, not 
using focus shots, and firing at close range allows attaining a 
score more than 3 times of that playing for survival.

The score of 205,600 in this single mission alone is more than the 
majority of Trial Mode scores in the demo that encompass two missions!

Cat A, in this case, is much more versatile than many believe it is 
capable of. In addition, mission 1 becomes an important start stage to 
get a much earlier first extend in Arcade Mode.

All of this can be replicated in the demo so give it a try! Do note 
that getting hit 3 times in Trial removes any focus bonus at mission 
end despite having infinite armor. It will also be more difficult to 
attempt such moves as the missions get harder, so an optimal combination 
of the scoring methods that takes into account safety will be needed.

Formulating a good leveling strategy based on personal skill that 
balances score and survival is the key to higher scores and far more 
important than fast reflexes!
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