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Heaven Dust 2 Cheats

Heaven Dust 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Door Codes & Puzzle Solution Guide:
Written by LIWolfe

Just a few of the codes I wrote down during my play through of 
Heavens Dust 2! Enjoy the game, I hope for more from this Dev
Codes and Combinations in (mostly order) you encounter in the game
First Fountain Gate  615
Office Area door  FLOWER FEATHER (top row)
FISHTAIL FLAME (bottom row)
First Pool Table  8617
Second Fountain Gate  326
Overlook Code  2182
Wood Cabin wall box code  0147
GraveYard Door  FISHTAIL FEATHER (top row)
FLAME FLOWER (bottom row)
Swimming Pool door  1991
Second Pool table  5186
There are some real obvious ones (such as Old House 2nd floor left 
side) that are not here, just the ones that require a round disc 
 or a little more not right in front of your eyes.
I might update this in the future with pics and more found in game.
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