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Hardspace: Shipbreaker Cheats

Hardspace: Shipbreaker

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks (General Guidance and Advanced Trickery):
Written by fippe

* Right click while holding onto a thing with grapple to reel it in (or you).
* Objects below 250kg are easily movable without imparting inertia onto you.
* Combine two facts above to easily tear stuff out of cockpits for example - 
  computer panels and such are worth a bunch of money. Hold onto a wall, grab 
  onto a computer until it detaches, then tap right click to make it zoop towards 
* Release left click to let the object float, then grab onto it when it's got a 
  clear line into the barge.
* Generally speaking, objects are valued in Barge > Processor > Furnace order. 
  Barge's mostly objects like machines, Processor is physical objects like panels, 
  and furnace is for scrap and other trash.
* You can hold onto things with Z and X (left and right arm respectively), this 
  is super useful for clambering around ships and such without using your 
  thrusters, and to throw things away from the main ship with the charged push 
  once you unlock it.
* Definitely grab onto something if you're using charged push of more than 
  level 1.
* With the sound resynth upgrade, holding onto things lets you listen on them. 
  Fuel lines make a wooshing sound if full. Lines also have glowing lights on 
  them if they're filled.
* Grapple "pushing" the salvaging rig or Jax can be used to throw yourself 
  around way faster than thrusters will let you fly. Combine this with the 
  grapple reeling.
* Braking is faster than accelerating.
* Press V to disengage all current tethers.
* Stinger (normal laser) sucks except for precision work - it completely 
  destroys whatever you point the beam at. Really useful for cutting the 
  useless aluminum panels lining around the Mack' cockpit door.
* Tethers are your friends, use them a lot and just replenish them from the 
  supply station, they're cheap. A single nanopanel is worth about 100 
* By the way, you can toggle scanner modes by scrolling up and down. 
  Useful when you don't want to cut that fuel line.
* Suit Integrity upgrades reduce impact damage and the threshold to take it.
* Pizza cutters are a scam, just use kitchen scissors to cut your pizza.

How to Safely Dismantle the Quasar Thrusters of the Atlas Class Ships:
Written by Seb Renard

This quick guide explains how to access the emergency cut off switch without 
ever setting anything on fire.

-=Guide to Dismantle the Quasar Thrusters=-
Getting to the emergency shut off valve without setting anything on fire

This guide is for those who are interested in doing it this way, and who are 
qualified for working with coolant hazards. If youíre not interested, no need 
to say it. Thank you.

* Remove the nozzle as you always do and throw it into the barge.
* Grab one of the coolant canisters located next to the nozzle.
* Without letting go of the canister, smash it against the hull of the thruster.
* The canister is now leaking coolant. Place the canister next to the 4 fuel lines 
  and freeze them (donít worry, this will not damage anything).
* Make sure all four fuel lines are frozen next to their cutting points, then 
  throw the coolant canister into the incinerator.
* Melt the four fuel linesí cutting points with the stinger 
  (unless one isnít frozen anymore, in which case return to step 2).
* All four fuel lines are now safely cut, you can access the emergency cut off 
  valve without the risk of getting burned.
* Profit.

How to use demo charges before cleanup upgrades:
Written by Vbgvbg113

Demo charges can be hard and dangerous to use, especially if you don't have 
the cleanup upgrades.

1.Knowing where to use them
Since you don't have cleanup upgrades, your use of demo charges is limited. You 
should only use these after clearing the local area, as Weaver said. After you 
clear the area, place your demo charge. Make sure it's in a place where there 
aren't any objects nearby.

2.Knowing how to clear objects
Now you should have a demo charge placed where you want, but you still have a 
bunch of stuff around that you don't want to lose. Just put them where they're 
supposed to go. Cut an opening if you need to, because the demo charge WILL 
destroy them. Even if they're on the other end of the ship.

3.Knowing when to press the button
Now, you should be left with just the hull of the ship with nothing inside. You 
may have taken parts of the hull off earlier as well. Demo charges can still 
damage the rest of the hull, so salvage those first. Now, you are just left with 
the skeleton. You don't need demo charges for aluminium, so you can salvage this 
first too. Now, you just have your demo charge. After the entire ship has been 
salvaged, then it's safe to go back into the hab to get the cleanup upgrades.

Perfect Atlas/Quasar Salvaging - Every Time:
Written by Wiawyr

A relaxed and risk-free method to salvage Quasar thrusters off Atlas ships.

The Atlas ships all have varying numbers of Quasar thrusters. These thrusters are 
often a headache for people, potentially resulting in various damages to the 
thrusters or the salvager themselves. And if you separate them from the rest of 
the ship before flipping the fuel shut-off switch, there's a crushing hazard as 
well; many dead Spares have met their ends in such an undignified and frustrating 
manner. Even for very experienced players, there's a bit of risk and urgency to 
fly through the flames if there aren't enough coolant canisters around.

I'd like to share with you the perfect technique!

-=The perfect Quasar salvage technique=-
First of course you remove the panels, cut the outer cut points, and grapple the 
nozzle into the barge. After that, you're left facing the back of the thruster, 
four fuel-pipe cut points, and a random number of coolant canisters.

At this point, attach a tether from the back of the thruster all the way to the 
back of the salvage bay. The mass of the ship will hold it in place for now, and 
the tether will safely remove the thruster after it has been cut loose.

Now you're ready to use the coolant canisters. Previously I thought that positioning 
one right in front of the fuel-pipe cut point was clever, as the flames would 
destroy the canister, releasing the coolant which would then put out the flames. 
The problem with this was that it required precise positioning and one coolant 
canister per fuel-pipe, and you never have enough to use four coolant canisters on 
every thruster. You'd still be left with some fuel-pipes on fire.

But this is the technique I'd like to share. Rather than carefully positioning one 
coolant canister at each cut point, you can be a bit bolder. When you grapple the 
coolant canister off the thruster casing, you're going to want to hit it against 
something lightly; not hard enough to destroy it, but just enough to cause it to 
start leaking coolant while you still have it grappled. While you're still grappling 
it, move the leaking canister right next to a fuel-pipe cut point, and give it about 
a second to freeze the first segment of the pipe and the cut point. Using the same 
leaking canister, repeat this with the three other fuel-pipes and their cut points.

You'll end up with all four cut points safely frozen ahead of time. The thruster 
will probably freeze too, but that's fine. While they're frozen, use the laser 
cutter to carefully melt all four cut points. You'll see a brief flame effect that 
quickly stops, and Control will tell you there's fuel instability like normal, but 
there won't be any fire.

When the last one is cut, the thruster will be pulled out of the opening by the 
tether on the back wall, and you can safely enter the thruster casing to pull the 
fuel shut-off switch and crack the casing in half.

I hope that this technique will help new and old players alike to safely overcome 
Quazar thrusters. Be sure not to cut the thruster casing off the rest of the ship 
before pulling the fuel shut-off switch, and you'll have a 100% safety and success 
rate! You'll also be able to enjoy a more relaxed salvaging job, without needing to 
fly through burning fuel.

Alright alright, that's enough loafing. Get back to it, cutter!
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