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Hapland 2 Cheats

Hapland 2

Submitted by: conner54

Open the door in the roof. Click on the "red dot" object to turn it into
the green arrow. Click on the small yellow arrow beneath it to make the 
stickman walk right and fall through the hole. Then, click on the green 
arrow to turn it back into red. Click on the crate the to the right of 
the stick man to let out a grenade. Repeatedly click on the little yellow 
arrow to make stickman throw the grenade up, which will then be blasted 
forward by the red dot. The grenade will fly into the door on the right 
side of the screen and blow it up. Then, click on the pink plank sitting 
right on top of the crate (where the grenade came from) until it falls 
off and makes a ramp. Click on the stickman to make him go through the 
door you just blew up. Open the window to scare the blob down to the 

Next, look at the top left side of the screen. Tilt the lamp and turn it 
on so that light shines on the balls. Click on the crow, which will pick 
up a ball and fly across the screen. here is where you need timing: Click 
on the first cloud as the crow flies by to make it drop the ball on the 
antennae on the hill below. Now click the blob to get it out of the way; 
it will go into the water. 

Turn on the underground switch to make the light underneath the steps turn 
on. Click the blue arrow pointing right on the circular underground thing. 
This will make the "wheel" on the steps rotate clockwise. Click on the 
stairs to make it move to the right. Ring the doorbell to make stickman 
come out and climb onto the roof. 

Click the crow again to pick up another ball, but this time click the 
second cloud as the crow passes by, making it drop the ball into the 
catapult. Once you click a cloud three times, it explodes on the third 
time. You have already clicked the first cloud once, so click it again. 
You will need timing again at this point. Click the first cloud for the 
third and final time to make it explode, then click on the stickman at 
the catapult as soon as possible. He will launch the ball, which will
fly through the acid rain from the cloud and turn into a fireball, which
will then destroy the banner. 

Click on the man on the top floor of the castle on the left to make him 
fall to the lower floor. Timing here is once again crucial: Click the 
door-thing underneath the stained-glass window to make a fly and another 
stickman come out. Then, just keep clicking on the fan in the wall (there 
is a faint arrow pointing to it) to make the fly bug the other stickman. 
Once the fly passes through the fan, click the stickman on the right to 
let him walk safely underneath the suspended crate. 

Next, click on the leftmost stickman to make him fall again and so that 
he is next to the lever. All levers should now have an accompanying 
stickman. Start with the bottom stickman: Click on the arrow below him 
to switch it from left to right. Then, click on stickman to make the water 
flow to the right. Then, click the middle stickman to open the trapdoor. 
Finally, click the top stickman to release the suspended crate. 

Timing is needed here. A fish will come out of the box and fall into the 
water. Once the fish hits below stair level, click on the large underwater 
gate to let the fish flow by and get caught by the fisherman. Turn off 
the water current by clicking on the appropriate stickman. Then click the 
fisherman, who will eat the fish and bounce up to the roof of the castle. 
Click on him when he is on top to light the first torch. 

Now for the second torch. Turn on the water current again so that it 
flows to the right. Click on the red dot to turn it into a green arrow 
again and click the small yellow button to make the stickman at the 
catapult go inside on the right. Open the window to make another blob 
come out. Click on the new blob to make it explode the underwater mine. 
Turn off water current (this might not be needed, but just in case). 
Click on the blue left arrow on the circular underground switch to make 
the wheel on the stairs turn counter-clockwise. Click on the stairs to 
move it next to the crate. 

The last part requires more timing. Ring the doorbell to let stickman out.
Click the crate when he is almost to the top of the stairs to make him fall
into the crate. He will bust out of the crate in a monster truck. Click on 
the underwater gate in time to let the truck pass. Stickman will ditch the
truck and climb into the castle to light the second torch. 
You can now flip both underground switches to activate the portal.
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