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Halo 2 Cheats

Halo 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

Unlockable           How to unlock
Assassin (10)      - Melee kill an opponent from behind.
Bonecracker (10)   - Hit and kill an opponent from behind.
Carjacking (5)     - Steal an occupied vehicle from an opponent and take it over.
Counterpoint (5)   - Kill the sword carrier.
Demon (25)         - Complete any level without dying (except tutorial).
Double Kill (20)   - Kill two opponents within four seconds.
Go Ape Shiv (20)   - Kill an enraged, berserk Brute by melee.
Hero (50)          - Complete the game on Heroic difficulty.
Legend (50)        - Complete the game on Legendary difficulty.
Rainman (25)       - Play every game variant, with at least 3 other players.
Roadkill (10)      - Run over and kill an opponent with a vehicle.
Stick It (5)       - Stick an opponent (MP) with a plasma grenade and blow them up.
Triple Kill (20)   - Kill three opponents.
Warrior (100)      - Complete the game on Normal difficulty.
Cairo Station (30) - Complete Cairo Station at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Outskirts (30)     - Complete Outskirts at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Metropolis (30)    - Complete Metropolis at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
The Arbiter (30)   - Complete The Arbiter at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Oracle (30)        - Complete The Oracle at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Delta Halo (30)    - Complete Delta Halo at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Regret (30)        - Complete Regret at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Sacred Icon (30)   - Complete Sacred Icon at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Gravemind (30)     - Complete Gravemind at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Uprising (30)      - Complete Uprising at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
High Charity (30)  - Complete High Charity at Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
Killtacular (20)   - Kill 4 opponents within 4 seconds.
Killing Spree (20) - Kill 5 opponents in a row in the same game, without dying.
Running Riot (20)  - Kill 10 opponents in a row in the same game, without dying.
Sniper Kill (10)   - Kill an opponent with the sniper rifle or the beam rifle.
Vigilante (10)     - Stop a Killing Spree of another player.
Ninja (20)         - In a non-team game, kill 5 people by melee, from behind.
Flaming Ninja (20) - Kill an opponent that has the Ninja achievement.
Hired Gun (20)     - Kill an opponent who has the Legend achievement.

Hidden Sniper Point:
In Outskirts, after you go through the first battle area, go to the second sniper
alley (area with the flies and snipers on roofs past the highway & pelican). Go 
straight foreward to the platform with the purple box on it. To your left there 
should be another alley and a no dog sign and no littering (red circles). To the
right of the signs, there is a overhang in the alley and then a bridge type thing
above that. Using the platform, jump from it to the overhang and then on the bridge
thing and then the roof. Go to the end of the roof. Jump to the next roof that has 
two windows. Go to your right and jump up the steps to the other roof where you 
will see the area where you would have gone through if you had gone through the 
alley. Across that, there is another building ang there is a hole in the roof. 
Jump over there and go through the hole. Then you should see the front of Hotel

Guns and Plasmas:
Submitted by: Elites 

To be very effective against any enimies in halo2 you need to have a human weapon
and plasmas in dual weild mode.Here are some examples:

1)Magnum pistol and plasma pistol
2)Plasma rifle and SMG
3)SMG and plasma pistol
4)Brute PLasma and Needlers
Just one thing,against brutes needlers are very devastating.

Alternate intermission sequences:
If you choose different difficulties in Campaign mode on a level with an opening
sequence, the cut-scenes will have different actions or different sentences. For
example, in Metropolis John says different sentences under other difficulties. 
On Delta Halo, watch the grunt next to the Jackal and Turret. It will play with 
fire under Legendary or a doll of itself under Heroic. 

This trick requires at least two people. First, flip a vehicle (Wraith recommended).
Have your partner sit on the vehicle, then flip it. It should give you good height 
and good range. This works well if you have an energy sword out and there is an enemy
close to you. 

Ghost tricks:
* In multi-player-mode, turn on all vehicles and go to a place with open space. Get 
  in a Ghost and find a tank. Go towards it as fast as you can. You will flip and do
  different things, depending on where you hit the tank. 

* Choose a level with the yellowish glowing boxes that blow up (Headlong or Waterworks
  recommended). Get in a ghost and boost into one of the tiny boxes and you will be 
  sent flying. You can repeat this as many times as desired, or you can pile the boxes
  and be blown sky high. 

* Go to any level (Metropolis recommended, when you have to get on the Scarab). Back 
  the Ghost up to the side of the bridge. It will start hopping up and down.

Jump higher:
Play in co-op mode in any level (Outskirts recommended). Have one player jump on top 
of the other. Then, have the player on top jump again and keep pressing [Jump]. Then, 
have the lower player jump immediately after the first player. If done correctly, the 
top player should land on the lower one (who is in mid-air), then jump again. You can 
use this to get on top on locations you cannot reach normally. 

This trick can only be done in co-op or multi-player mode. Get next to the structure 
that you want to climb. Have a player take out his plasma sword. Have the other player
stand on top and keep jumping in the direction of what you are climbing. While player 
two is jumping, have player one look up and use the "Sword cancel" trick. If done 
correctly, you can reach any area in the game as long as you do not exceed the 
invisible barrier. 

On any co-op or multi-player level, have you and a partner find an area where you need
some kind of boost to get to a higher location. Have your partner crouch under that area.
Jump on your partner, then jump (without falling off your partner) as your partner un-
crouches. This should give you a big enough boost to let you jump up to your destination.

You can jump higher by simultaneously pressing [Crouch] while in the air after a jump.

Scraping the "wings" off a Banshee:
Line your Banshee up with a wall so that the wing you want to scrape off is opposite 
to the wall. Barrel roll into the wall and the wing will hit the wall. This will require
a few attempts to completely scrape the wing off and will drain your shield (if available)
on every hit. Another way is to simply fly at a corner pointing in the direction you are 
going, or a pillar. Make sure your wing is the only thing that hits the wall or pillar. 
Like the first method, this may take a few attempts and will drain your shield.

Invincible Warthog:
On the level "the Outskirts" you will make your way through the level until you pass a
area known as "Zanzibar Hotel" once passing this if you continue forward into the drop 
area where the phantom drops a load of covenant look down to your right. You will see 
a small little area under you that has a few potted plants in it. This is where the 
Invincible Warthog will spawn. Continue through the level until reaching the last 
possible checkpoint in the level. (Typically I just like going to the final tunnel),
once doing this go back to the previously mentioned area, and you should find a warthog
you might need some grenades to get it, but most of the time you can just drive it out
over a little bench looking thing.

Two to four players on Ghost:
This trick works best at Coagulation or Waterworks. Before the pilot gets onto the 
Ghost, have someone climb onto the engine. You can also have two more people jump on
the wings, making it a total of four people on one Ghost. This trick creates a heavily
armed aircraft that is useful for team games. Make sure the pilot does not accelerate 
hard or the people on the wings will fly off.

Rewards for straight killings:
The following is a list of rewards you get from killing people without dying once. 
Note: After you get 20 kills, every five kills you get in a row will result in another
overkill medal. 

5: Killing spree 
10: Running Riot 
15 Rampage 
20 Beserker 
25 Over Kill (it says this every five kills after that) 

Rewards for killing in four seconds:
2: Double Kill 
3: Triple Kill 
4: Killtacular 
5: Kill Frenzy 
6: Killtrocity 
7: Killmonjaro

Carbines with extra rounds:
In the room with the first enforcer (big Sentinel with a shield in front), go around
to the left side and climb up a ramp to a platform with another dead Brute. This dead
Brute also has a carbine with 13 rounds in the gun and 104 extra rounds.

Sniper location/ Headlong:
Find a Banshee and fly to the water's edge where it meets the road next to the huge 
circle art piece. Look around and you will see about five trees. Choose one and slowly
fly above it (basically land on it). Hop out, and you will be in a tree. Note: A few a
attempts may be required. Stand or duck to blend in, then simply pick off the enemy one
by one.

Metropolis/ Trap Scarab:
In the end where you must destroy the Scarab, you can walk longer and trap it. When you
get on the walkways to jump on it, after you come out of the door, turn right. Follow 
this until it turns left. It is loaded with a variety of weapons and ammo. Sniper and 
rocket launchers work great as a combo.

Easy kills:
When you jump on the giant spider thing, wait until it stops. Then, go down the stairs 
so that you can see the aliens. Go back up go onto the head, then turn so that you are 
facing the stairs and lean to the left . Keep pressing [Forward]. You should be able to
see the aliens and be able to kill them. They will not know where you are. 
Note: This may require a few attempts.

Baby Flood:
After you clear the hangar with your Banshee, go where instructed. A cinematic will start,
When Arbiter asks the commander "What is it?", the commander responds "The stench, I've 
smelled it before". When you continue, in the room-like place you start in, you will see
an aquarium-like object in front of you. Look in it to see baby Infection form Floods i
nside swimming around.

Screaming Marines:
Get to the point where you release the Marines from the jails. Before you go down the
lift, put one of the large boxes over the one that goes up. After you release the 
Marines jump up to that level (grenade jump or get creative). The Marines will try to
go up. Then, jump back down and look at the lift. All of the Marines should be stuck.
Their mouths will move and make a really strange sound. Shoot them one at a time. 
They will cringe, screamm and moan in unison. 

Funny dialog:
Start the mission. After the Marine says "Stand by, I'm gonna offline the Inhibitors", 
start jumping around repeatedly. Note: It is best if you jump over the table to your 
right when the Marine offlines the Inhibitors. The Marine will say "Hey, take it easy!"
When you continue jumping around, he will say "Careful, you'll pull a tendon doing that",
and when you still continue, he will say "Fine, but don't come crying to me when you rip 
your leg out of its socket."

Hidden sword:
When you start the level, walk into the hallway and jump onto the light. Then, duck jump
on the top of the building. When on top, turn around and jump across the gap to the narrow
alleyway. Then, duck jump onto the wall to your right. Turn left and jump across the gap 
to the next building over. To the right there should be an alleyway. Go down it and you 
will run into a short wall. Jump on top of it then move onto the building to the left. 
Once on top of that roof, move forward until you reach the highway that has been destroyed.
Jump onto the highway. Then, duck jump onto the building across the way. Once on top of 
that roof, walk straight ahead until you fall into an alley with a red floor. Go straight
through that alley until you reach two large vents. Jump on top of them and make your way
up to the next tier of red roofing. Look to your left and you will see a large hole in 
the corner of the building. Drop into the building and you will find a blood stain on 
the floor with an energy sword next to it.

Hidden sword:
When the level starts, go to where the Grunt is walking up to investigate the crash. Face
the Grunt and turn to your right. You will be facing a small light that is low enough to 
jump on. Jump on it, and look up. there will be a ledge with a small lip on it. Jump-crouch
on top of it and turn around. On the left side of where you came up there is a small hall.
Jump on it and to your right there is a ledge above that is too tall to jump on top of. 
Throw a grenade at your feet, wait a moment, and jump in time to catch a small enough lift
to boost you up to this area. You will now be facing the crashed Dropship. Turn to your 
left and continue until you reach the highway, or, where the sergeant gets picked up. You
should be on the right side of the road. Continue, and you will have to jump-crouch from 
the highway to the next building. Once up, continue until you reach the orange roof and 
the fans. Jump on top of the fans then jump to the next roof. A little longer there will
be a cracked building. Inside there will be a energy sword. 

After you kill the Hunters at the beginning of this level, go through the door that they 
came from. On the wall at the back of the alley, there are some posters. If you are facing
the two boxes that are stacked on top of each other, look left and keep following the wall
until you see the posters. If you look carefully, you will se a poster with Sergeant Banks
and Master Chief at the machine gun from the E3 demo from 2003. 
Note: Look very carefully at the posters, as they can be slightly grainy.

Easy capture the flag:
This trick requires at least three people (four or five recommended). Have three people 
get into the Warthog. If you can spare a fourth person, have him get in the Ghost, and a
fifth person get the sniper and go to a good point to cover the top of the enemies base.
Note: The fourth and fifth persons are here to help the three in the Warthog and are 
optional. Have the people in the Warthog and Ghost drive to the side of the enemy's base
(by the side with the box where you can jump up to the top of the base, and the window 
looking into the lower floor). If there is a sniper covering them, have him clear or scare
off everyone from the top of their base. The Ghost should stay outside and cover the 
Warthog. Have only the person in the side seat of the Warthog get out and jump up to the 
top of their base. Have him then jump down though the hole in the base and get the flag, 
making sure to get it next to the window. The person in the turret of the Warthog should
now jump out, grab the flag through the window, then jump into the side seat of the 
Warthog. Then, drive back to their base.

Falling stalactites:
To make the stalactites fall, shoot them with a few battle rifle bursts or a few sniper
bullet shots. Rockets will shatter the stalactite. Once fallen, the stalactite provides
a temporary blockade for entrances to buildings, as well as a very powerful weapon if 
you are skilled enough to have it land on someone.

Sniping location:
At the point you go on foot, there will be cliff side with a ruin on it. The should be
a channel on the cliff face with no ruin blocking it. Use a Ghost to get up the cliff 
using the boost. When at the top, there will be a vast frozen plain. This is a good 
sniping position. You will need the Ghost as it is a big plain. 
Note: Do not fall in some places, as you might get trapped or just fall to your death.

* You can get the energy sword faster by shooting a rocket or grenade at the front or
back of the bridge that is standing up. It will fall down and lead you directly to the
* Starting at the beach, run along it and then left into the opening (get a Ghost if 
desired). Upon arriving at the giant wheel in the center of the map, you will see the
sword shimmering in the center of the structure. Toss a grenade or blast a rocket inside
the little space where the sword is kept, and it should fall out and onto the ground 
before you. This is especially useful if you spawn at the beach, because the other team 
will not have a chance at getting the sword before you.
* Look at the place where the energy sword is located and throw a grenade. The energy 
sword should jump out and land very close to you.
* Throw a frag grenade at the sword. If done correctly, the sword will come down.

Easy killing elite:
Submitted by: Gaurav

in halo 2 dual wield a burst fire weapon with a plasma pistol.then when you are battling 
an elite shoot him with an overcharged plasma ,this will take out his shield
then to finish him shoot him with other weapon.

Flood Ignore You:
Find a door that doesn't open (must be inside and a small door). Slowly back up to the 
door and jump then crouch on the door. Now the flood will not be able to harm you.
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