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Half Life - Redemption Cheats

Half Life - Redemption

Cheat Codes:
Load game with the command line: hl.exe -dev -toconsole. 
Then, press ~ if the orange text on the screen does not 
disappear. During gameplay, press ~ to display the text 
prompt and type in sv_cheats 1. 
Press ~ and enter one of the following console commands to 
activate the cheat function.  

Result                      Code 
God mode                   - /god
No clipping mode           - /noclip
Opponents ignore character - /notarget
All weapons and ammo       - impulse 101
Map select                 - /map [map name]
Third person view          - /thirdperson
Adjust gravity             - sv_gravity <-999 - 999999>
Obtain item                - /give 
Auto-reload enabled        - +reload
Auto-reload disabled       - -reload

Security officer shooting:
Shoot the security officer after putting the HEV suit on and 
collecting weapons from the storage room. He will say things 
such as "What do you want your tombstone to say?" or "I dont 
want to do this...".

Killed by auto-turrets:
Shoot the weapons man or the science technician. 
The alarm will go off and auto-turrets will deploy from the 
roof and take you down. 

Floating scientist:
Close the teleportation door on the lab technician. He will 
not open it back up. After teleporting to the mountains, look 
to your right. The scientist will be floating. Watch him for a 
moment and he will walk in place in mid-air. 
Note: You can kill him. 

Hidden door:
Enable cheat mode, then activate the /map redE3M5 code to 
advance to episode 3, mission 5. Locate the door that does 
not have a handle in that level. Enter the /noclip code and 
walk through the door to find another door covered with 
smiley faces.

Playing the original Half Life using the Freeman character from Redemption:
Submitted by: MihailC

For this cheat to work you must have the Redemption mod installed.
While in the Half Life menu, choose Custom Game and then select Redemption and choose 
to start a new game or load a game that you previously saved. Activate the console by 
pressing 'Y' and typing exactly like this: ";console 1;" . 
Then press '~' and type : sv_cheats 1 . After that, type : map c0a0 . 
You'll be at the beginning of Half Life in the transit car. 
Note that the characters are exactly the ones from Half Life - Redemption in appearance. 
Also note that the batteries have the reddish color inside them just like in 
Half Life - Redemption.

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