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Half-Life 2 - Episode Two Cheats

Half-Life 2 - Episode Two

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy 
of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "ep2cfgconfig.cfg" 
file in the game directory. Set the value of the "con_enable" line to "1". 
Check the "toggleconsole" line to make sure it is bound to a key (default is `). 
Press that key during game play to display the console window and 
type sv_cheats 1 to enable cheat mode. 
Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat. 
You can also display the debug menu by pressing [Shift] + 1.

Result                                                   Code 
Disable cheat mode                                      - sv_cheats 0  
Toggle enemy artificial intelligence                    - ai_disable  
Toggle Buddha mode, damage does not result in death     - buddha 
Spawn airboat                                           - ch_createairboat  
Spawn jeep                                              - ch_createjeep  
Toggle God mode                                         - god  
Lose indicated number of health points                  - hurtme [number] 
All weapons and ammunition                              - impulse 101  
Wireframe mode                                          - mat_wireframe 1  
No clipping mode                                        - noclip  
Toggle ignored by enemies                               - notarget
Display damage done to enemy in wireframe mode          - r_modelwireframedecal 1 
Allows no clipping while game is paused                 - sv_noclipduringpause 1 
Unlimited auxiliary power                               - sv_infinite_aux_power 1  
Set gravity; default is "600"                           - sv_gravity [number]
Shows trigger brushes when set to 0                     - showtriggers 0  
Bind key to console command                             - bind  
Toggle display of frame rate and filename of current map- cl_showfps [0 or 1] 
Toggle current position and angle display               - cl_showpos [0 or 1] 
Toggle crosshair                                        - crosshair  [0 or 1]  
Display current positional co-ordinates                 - getpos 
Spawn item, one time only                               - give [name]  
Save screenshot to "episodicscreenshots.[number]"       - jpeg 
Commit suicide                                          - kill  
Load indicated map to a specific map                    - map [name]  
List map names                                          - maps *  
Level performance tools                                 - perfui 1  
Play back existing demo                                 - playdemo  
Records a demo of your game                             - record  
Reload current save file                                - reload  
Restart the current level                               - restart  
Set view direction                                      - setang  
Set position on the map                                 - setpos [coordinates]  
Shake your character                                    - shake  
Stop demo recording                                     - stop  
Ragdolls do not clip through other ragdolls             - cl_ragdoll_collide 1
Full ammo for current weapon                            - givecurrentammo
Enable use of wired Xbox 360 controller                 - exec 360controller

Spawn names:
Use one of the following entries with the npc_create code.

NPC or object             Code 
Alyx                    - npc_alyx 
Antlion                 - npc_antlion  
Antlion Guard           - npc_antlionguard  
Barnacle                - npc_barnacle  
Barney                  - npc_barney 
Breen                   - npc_breen 
Ceiling Turret          - npc_turret_ceiling  
City 17 Citizen         - npc_citizen  
Combine Dropship        - npc_combinedropship  
Combine Gunship         - npc_combinegunship  
Combine Helicopter      - npc_helicopter  
Combine Metrocop        - npc_metropolice  
Combine Scanner         - npc_cscanner  
Combine Soldier         - npc_combine_s  
Crab Synth              - npc_crabsynth  
Crow                    - npc_crow 
Dog                     - npc_dog 
Eli                     - npc_eli 
Fast Headcrab           - npc_headcrab_fast  
Fast Zombie             - npc_fastzombie  
Father Gregori          - npc_monk  
Floor Turret            - npc_turret_floor  
Gman                    - npc_gman 
Headcrab                - npc_headcrab  
Headcrab Launcher       - npc_launcher  
Ichthyosaur             - npc_ichthyosaur  
Kleiner                 - npc_kleiner  
Manhack                 - npc_manhack  
Mortar Synth            - npc_mortarsynth  
Mossman                 - npc_mossman  
Pigeon                  - npc_pigeon 
Poison Headcrab         - npc_headcrab_poison  
Poison Headcrab         - npc_headcrab_black  
Poison Zombie           - npc_poisonzombie  
Rollermine              - npc_rollermine  
Seagull                 - npc_seagull  
Stalker                 - npc_stalker  
Strider                 - npc_strider  
Vortigaunt              - npc_vortigaunt  
Zombie                  - npc_zombie 
Zombie without legs     - npc_zombie_torso  
Zombine(Combine Zombie) - npc_zombine

Hidden pumpkins:
Set the system date to October 31. After you are ambushed by Hunters and Combine 
at a big house, drive along the road. Near where the supply cache is found you 
will see an old truck. Go up to it. There will be lots of pumpkins lying on the 

Binding cheats to keys:
Display the console window and type sv_cheats 1 to enable cheat mode. Then, type 
bind followed by a space and the key you wish to bind the code to. Finally, type 
another space followed by the code. For example, enter bind f12 notarget or bind 
p ai_disable.

Some codes cannot be bound to a key. To bind them, you must edit your config file. 
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file 
before proceeding. Go to your game directory. Open the "hl2" folder, then the "cfg" 
folder. Open the config_default file in a text editor. This will be used as a 
Using the same structure, enter the bindings in the following 
example (the last line is the new entry). 

bind "PAUSE"       "pause"
bind "z"           "+zoom"
bind "g"           "phys_swap"
bind "F12"         "sk_max_crossbow 999"

To do this, type bind "F12" press [Tab] three times, and add the cheat command in quotes. 
After doing this, select all the text under "unbindall" and copy it. Save and close the 
file. Then, go back to the game directory. Open the "ep2" folder then the "cfg" folder. 
Open the file "config" in a text editor. You can edit this file directly but you must be 
able to add the symbols where needed. Paste the previously copied text under the already 
existing text and save the file. Start the game. Display the console window and type 
sv_cheats 1 to enable cheat mode. Close the console and press your bound key and it 
should have activated its defined code.

Lost reference:
When you enter the White Forest base, you meet a Vortigaunt in a lab coat named Uriah. 
When you first enter the room where you meet Uriah, there is a gas tank against the 
back wall. Behind that tank is a small room with a computer that has a sequence of 
numbers on it. This is a reference to the TV show Lost that Gabe Newell added due to 
the fact that he and the creator of Lost were close friends.

Using cheats and unlocking achievements:
You normally cannot use cheats and unlock achievements. You can use the following key 
bind commands at the console window to get around this. For God mode, enter the Bind' 
 '"sv_cheats 1; wait; god; wait; wait; wait; sv_cheats 0" console command. 
For all weapons, enter the Bind'  '"sv_cheats 1; wait; impulse 101; wait; wait; 
wait; sv_cheats 0" console command.

Start a game, type sv_cheats 1, enable the god and impulse 101code. Use the sk_max code 
followed by givecurrentammo for lots of ammunition (for example, sk_max_pistol 999). By 
doing this you do not have to worry about running out. After this is done, save the game
and exit the game completely. Restart the game. Load the game you just saved and continue 
play. You will be a one-man army, invincible and equipped with ammo, and achievements 
will be unlocked during game play. Note: You may need to enable the givecurrentammo code 
for each weapon to have the quantity you specified in the sk_max_  code.

Portal Gun Hack:
This process modifies your game files, so make back-ups of the proper files and 
directories before attempting this hack. You need both Portal and Half-life 2 for 
starters. Install or re-install both games now. 

Back up your Portal directory. Unless you changed the install path, the directory is 
in ...\Steam\steamapps\(your_username)\portal. If you make a mistake during this hack,
you may need to re-download Portal through Steam (or at worse, Half-life 2 through 

Download and install GCFScape if you do not have it already. This program allows you 
to access the cached game files for games using the Source engine. 

Head into the directory ...\Steam\steamapps\ for all the available GCF archives 
available. Open the file half-life 2 content.gcf via GCFScape. Click the hl2 folder
on the left pane of the GCFScape Explorer window. Right mouse click maps and select
the command Extract to place all the contents of the maps folder into the directory
...\Steam\steamapps\the_great_bundini\portal\portal. This merges Half-life 2 maps 
with the Portal map folder. 

Repeat the above step with the scenes folder via GCFScape. 

Boot up Steam to run Portal. Drop the developer console with '~' (you may need to 
enable it under your keyboard options or enable it via the -console command switch
on the executable's shortcut). 

On the developer console, type maps * to list all the available maps; this should 
inclde the Half-life 2 maps imported from the previous steps. Type map and then the
name of that map (i.e., map d1_canals_01). 

Once the map is loaded and you can play, drop the console and enable the cheats for
Portal by entering sv_cheats 1. Give yourself all weapons (including the Portal Gun)
by entering impulse 101. You may need to input upgrade_portalgun to enable you to 
fire both portals. 

Enjoy the havoc. Note that this hack also works with Episode 1 and Episode 2. You 
will notice that while NPCs from Half-life cannot pass through portals, all other 
inert objects (including yourself) and weapons fire will pass through with no 

Send garden gnome into space:
There is a small garden gnome near the start. If you manage to "send him to space" 
by putting him on the rocket just before the end of the game, you will accomplish 
a secret mission. This means you have to bring the gnome with you in each scheme 
of Episode Two, which is rather annoying if you play the game for the first time.

Complete each condition to get the allotted Achievements.

Unlockable                How to Unlock	
Acid Reflex             - Kill an acid antlion worker.
Bone Breaker            - Kill 30 enemies with thrown physics objects.
Cache Checker           - Find every radar cache in chapter Under the Radar.
Deadly Harvest          - Kill an enemy by planting a hopper mine.
Defense of the Armament - Save the missile silo from the Combine offensive.
Get Some Grub           - Squish every antlion grub in Episode Two.
Gordon Propelled Rocket - Unlock the rocket launcher lambda cache in chapter 
                          Under the Radar.
Grave Robber            - Steal a Zombine's grenade.
Gunishment!             - Destroy the Combine cannon in the junkyard.
Hit and Run             - Run over 20 enemies with the car in Episode Two.
Hot Potat0wned          - Kill a Combine soldier with his own grenade.
Into the Breach         - Help Griggs and Sheckley hold off the antlion invasion 
                          inside the mine shaft.
Little Rocket Man       - Send the garden gnome into space.
Meet the Hunters        - Survive the Hunter ambush with Alyx.
Neighborhood Watch      - Save all buildings outside the missile silo from destruction.
Payback                 - Kill a Hunter with its own flechettes.
Pedal to the Metal      - Beat DOG in a race to the White Forest base.
Piņata Party            - Find and break every web cache in Episode Two.
Puttin' on a Clinic     - Defeat the chopper in Episode Two without any misses.
Quiet Mountain Getaway  - Survive the ambush at White Forest Inn.
Secondary Silo Secured  - Secure the launch doors on missile silo 2.
Twofer                  - Defeat both antlion guards outside the White Forest.

Main imp cheat for episode 1,2,3 :
Submitted by: Mandar aka killer*

Hii friends I've got a very imp cheats for hl2 ep1 ep2 ep3 
When you entered in game press ` button to open console then to enable cheatmode enter:
sv_cheats 1 
then enter bind i "impulse 101" imp dont remove "" when you pressed i your health will 
be 100 and all weapons got full ammos and secret bomb unlocked try it 100% works by 

Easy Little Rocket Man achievement:
Look at an item (small items are best, and there's quite a few bits of rubbish in 
White Forest). Bring up the Console (Options>Keyboard>Advanced>Enabled Developers 
Console then press "~" while in-game), type in "ent_setname gnome", then simply put
the item into White Forests rocket and close the hatch as you would the real gnome.
Enjoy getting the Hardest achievement in the game the easy way.

Clear way to find the maps:
Submitted by: Sarath Kumar C U

Just try to find vehicles, houses, ways, people, animals and creatures on the way... 
If you find those then you are going in a correct path..

See G-man disappear:
G-man can be seen in the "Under The Radar" episode, entering the White Forest Inn 
immediately after the cache in the small cave. Once you get the cache, get in your
car and drive into the two dead trees past the guard rail. Use the turbo just when
you are between them, then follow the road. You will see him enter the inn and, if
your timing is good enough and you do not crash into anything, disappear. 
This may require several attempts.
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