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Greyhill Incident Cheats

Greyhill Incident

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Bullets Locations:
Written by Mostly Harmless

List of all the bullets I could find. I donít know whether or not I found 
them all since thereís no way to tell, but I did search the whole town 
pretty thoroughly.

* 3 come with the revolver.
* 2 in the Creek house on the dining table next to the box of nails.
* 2 given to you by Bob when you give him the nails.
* 1 after going through the fence, in the 1st house on the left on the 
  dining table.
* 1 in the 2nd house on the left on the kitchen counter.
* 1 in the Diner on the counter near the beer tap.
* 1 in the room with the safe on a desk near the safe.
* 2 in the 1st house on the right after the graveyard (the house with 
  the phone) on a dining table near a book.
* 1 in the 2nd house on the right on a table next to the fireplace.
* 1 in the 4th (last) house on the right on the dining table.
* 2 in Brandonís bedroom on his computer table.

Note: This adds up to a total of 17 bullets in the game; this is only 
enough to kill 8 aliens, while there are a total of about 13 aliens in
the game.
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