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Greedventory Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Halfling Recipe Guide:
Written by SpellHammer

-=Halfling Lair=-
So the instructions summarised are:

* Milk as soon as possible, but not to an empty flask.
* Cradium dust added after the blood has coagulated.
* Add mucus right before the cradium dust.
* Coagulant after blood has been added.
* Brown mucus spoils milk if added directly after.

Blood, Milk, Coagulant, Mucus, Cradium Dust, Shake.

Tips to Beat Morzok the Short:
* Target the red orbs!
* You wont be able to kill them all.
* But pay attention to where the yellow circles are and parry 
  that location when they fire.
* Finally stack bleed on him when you can.
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