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Great Houses of Calderia Cheats

Great Houses of Calderia

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Find the Artbook:
The artbook is considered DLC; you can either, access it by right-
clicking on the game in your Library:

* Properties -> DLC -> Great Houses of Calderia - Digital Artbook
* Properties -> Installed Files -> Browse -> Searching "artbook" / "art book"
* Manage -> Browse local files -> Searching for "artbook" / "art book"
* Otherwise, the artbook is a PDF file and should be located here:
  Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Great Houses of Calderia

General Tips:
In Calderia you will not be a dull ruler, but a real leader who leads his 
family. Each of your relatives has their own set of unique personality 
traits and desires. It will take some time to finally identify all the 
woes and cons, to give the right role to each one, according to their 
capabilities and abilities.

Important! Personality, as in real life, changes under the influence of 
circumstances. Especially when they are directly related to a particular 
family member.

When managing key operations, choose a family member with the ability to 
increase production and keep the population happy in your fiefdom.

In other words, if you manage your family effectively, it will ensure 
your success.

You cannot be successful at only one thing. Always look for a balance 
between combat success, economics, and diplomacy, which will be the 
successful components of your strategy. Intrigue, diplomacy and trade 
always go hand in hand. Any decision during a battle or during a n
egotiation can drastically change the course of history.

To get new titles, you will not be able to avoid battles. Prepare and 
plan your battles. Real-time tactical battles will be a good basis for 
further career growth in the multi-level hierarchy of Calderia.

-=Traditions and values to contribute to history=
You should definitely outline your family’s traditions, values, and 
goals to lay a foundation in history and heritage (the canvass of your 
game). Use mods to expand your family’s genealogical lore.

-=How to get new agents and units=-
This directly depends on the sophistication of the infrastructure. The 
more developed a region is, the higher the number of inhabitants, the 
more productive the production. But in addition to that, you have new 
opportunities in the form of unique agents (social conflicts) and new 
types of units (periods of war).
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