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Gold Rush Cheats

Gold Rush

Cheat Codes:
Type bird man during game play to enable cheat mode. The version number will
be displayed to confirm correct code entry. Type one of the following codes:

Effect                          Code 	
Set variable to new value      - set var
Change current X/Y coordinates - position
Display memory usage           - show mem
Get indicated object           - get object [number]
Reset indicated flag           - reset flag
Set indicated flag             - set flag
Show priorities, press [Esc]   - show pri
Show indicated flag            - show flag
Shows indicated variable       - show var
Teleport                       - tp

Complete points list:
     2  Type: look book.
     4  Type: take photo.
     2  Type: take statement.
     2  Type: read statement.
  (-1)  Walk on the grass.
     2  Type: take flowers.
     4  Type: take coin.
     2  Type: look poster.
     3  Type: take money.
     1  Type: read stone.
     1  Type: read stone.
     3  Type: put flowers.
     5  Type: take letter.
     1  Type: look postmark.
     1  Type: take stamp.
     2  Type: quit job.
     3  Type: read clippings.
     9  Type: yes (selling the house).
     9  Buy a ticket (to the route you want to take).
                             THE CAPE HORN ROUTE
     4  Type: buy fruit.

   60   Sub total, Out of
   60   Possible

     3  Type: take scrap.
     7  Type: talk man (get bible).
     3  Type: take string.
     3  Type: take clip.
     3  Type: take handle.
     3  Type: take ham.
   8+5  Type: fish.

   95   Sub total, Out of
   95   Possible
     1  Type: get in stagecoach.

     4  Type: buy net.

   60   Sub total, Out of
   60   Possible

     4  Type: yes.
     7  Type: talk man (get bible).
     4  Type: jump vine.
    10  Type: take disk.
     5  Go one screen to the right.
    10  Go one screen to the right.

  100   Sub total, Out of
  100   Possible
     1  Type: get in stagecoach.

     2  Type: give ticket.
     2  Type: get in stagecoach.

   60   Sub total, Out of
   60   Possible

     2  Type: give money.
     5  Type: buy mature oxen.
     5  Type: talk man (get bible).
     7  Type: talk man.
     4  Type: unhitch team.
     4  Type: lock wheels.
     4  Type: drink.
     4  Type: take meat.

   95   Sub total, Out of
   95   Possible

     5  Type: Read psalm 23.
     2  Get branding iron.
     2  Type: read grave..
     5  Type: use letter.
     1  Type: give coin (for shovel or pan).
  1*50  Type: panī or dig and find gold.
     1  Type: give gold (for pan or shovel).
     1  Type: give gold (for lantern).
     3  Type: take mule.
     3  Type: brand mule.
     7  Take Jakes mule.
  (-2)  Type: break window.
     3  Type: give message.
     5  Type: turn wheel.
     1  Type: take string.
     1  Type: take magnet.
     1  Type: take note.
     3  Type: put picture in capsule.
     1  Type: take aerogram.
     7  Type: follow mule.
     1  Type: take matches.
     3  Type: yes (go down hole).
     2  Type: tie string to magnet.
     2  Type: put magnet in hole.
     *  Bug: if you repeat the last command you can get more points.
     2  Type: lower magnet.
     2  Type: pull string.
     1  Type: unlock door.
     1  Type: take pick.
   1*6  Type: take gold.
     1  Type: pick (and find gold).
     1  Type: take gold.
     *  Repeat the last two commands 9 times.
   1*2  Type: take gold (in last room).
     1  Type: pick.
     1  Type: take gold.
     *  Repeat the last two commands 3 times.

     6  Type: get in hole.

  250   Total, Out of
  250   Possible

     6  Type: get in hole.
  255   Total, Out of
  255   Possible

     7  Type: get in hole.
        Thanks to Alphons te Beek and Ron Kidron
  250   Total, Out of
  250   Possible
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