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Godless Grove Cheats

Godless Grove

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Walkthrough Guide:
Written by Ravesamurai

* After appearing in the game – move to the left, then shoot the 
  deer and collect the skin from it.

* Move to the left edge of the level.

* Press T to look at the compass, it will indicate the direction 
  to your goal. Press M to open the map. Go to the hunting lodge and 
  enter it.

* Cook the meat in the oven and sleep, this will save the game and 
  allow you to move further along the plot.

* Get out of the hut and follow the trail of blood. 
  (T to see the direction).

* Read the note and go northeast to the old man’s hut.

* After you listen to his monologue, bring three human corpses to the 
  monster’s lair (marked on the map as nest). The compass will point 
  you in the direction of the corpses.

* Defeat the monster. The best way to do this is to scatter the traps 
  before dumping the last corpse into the nest. Try not to lose sight 
  of the wolves, which will also attack you during the battle.

* Click on the killed monster with the left mouse button and go back
  to the old man’s house.

* Go into the house and read the note.

* You can find the missing books in the old man’s car in the southwest 
  of the map in his car (in the wheat fields).

* Use the resulting password from the book covers on the safe.

* Go to the church in the west of the map.

* Solve the combination of ringing bells (the first bell from above is 
  3, the second bell from above is 4, the first bell from below is 2, 
  the second bell from below is 1).

* Go to the warehouse in the southeast of the map.

* Solve the puzzle with the valves 
  (first one – 3, second one – 9, third one – 4).

* Go to the church again.
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