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Giants - Citizen Kabuto Cheats

Giants - Citizen Kabuto

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Guntur Wibowo

Cheat mode:
During gameplay you can hit the T or Y button and 
enter in one of the following codes and hit enter:
Result                     Code 
Display Frame Rate        - Fr 
Full Base Energy          - Basefillerup 
Full Health               - Pleasehealme 
Instant Gift Shop         - Gimmiegifts 
Instant Party House       - Itsmyparty 
Instant Smarty Work Force - Basepopulate 
Show Entire Map           - Mapshowitall 
Speedy Base Construction  - Basegoveryfast 
Unlimited Mana            - Ineedspells 
Unlock All Levels         - allmissionsaregoodtogo

Original Sea Reapers:
Submitted by: Vec

To play with the original, uncensored version of the Sea Reapers, enter
the "bin" folder in the game folder. Move the "arpfix.gzp" file to 
another folder. To restore the game to normal, simply move the file
back to its original location. 

Submitted by: rickHH

* Keep an eye on your base at all times and establish perimeter defenses
  as quickly as possible that way, you won't have to worry about attackers
  while you're off and about. 

* When playing as the Meccs, try to stay hidden, and pick off enemies from
  afar with the sniper rifles. 

* Try to stay out of deep water at all times, since flesh-eating piranhas
  populate the murky depths. 

* Eat evil Smarties as quickly as possible, but impale Vimps on your spikes
  for insurance you may need the health boost later on. 

Submitted by: Light_0

The following is For Giants: Citizen Kabuto Mecc Demo but I think It will
work in the full game because the full game cheat codes work in the demo. 
Ok here it is... 
This is a way to "clime" mountains, while playing the mecc story activate 
your "jump jet" (sorry for the term but I am a mechwarrior guru) and push 
forward and keep pushing forward and try to run up the "cracks". and just 
keep holding down the jet button and the forward button and if you have 
the nitro use it as well.

* Use your zoom button and the weapon you have in slot 2 and shoot you enemies
  in the head and watch how fast they die. 
* If you want to get a lot of enemies to show up at one time shoot the 
  building(s) that they are associated with i.e.: a barracks and the 'reaper
  guards'.houses and the 'sea reapermen'

Restore energy:
In base missions while playing as Delphi, to get soul energy swim in the
water. Your soul energy will go up.

Defeating Kabuto's offspring:
When you first see Kabuto as the Mecc, stay on the rim of the strange 
bowl-type object. Shoot their weak spot just before they shoot their 
projectile attack.

Vimp Souls:
In base missions while playing as Delphi, it is not necessary to hunt 
Vimps. You can also get soul energy from Sea Reapermen and the two 
kinds of Rippers that can burrow (but not the ones that approach the 
base along with the Reapermen.) In other words, you can hang around 
and defend your base while still powering the Persuader very nicely. 
With anything you kill, including Vimps, you must get close to the 
body before it disappears to get the soul energy (fairly easy, but a 
complete non-issue if you use the knife.) The soul gauge is located 
between the spell icons.

Debug mode:
Press T or Y during game play, then type MasterDebug as a case-sensitive 
code. Press [Keypad Asterisk] to toggle debug mode. Press ~ while in 
debug mode to display the debug menu. Alternately, start the game with 
the -GCKMasterDebug case-sensitive command line parameter. 
Note: Debug mode can only be enabled in v1.0 of the game and was removed 
on subsequent patches.

Eliminating the Trees to Help Performance:
Even on high end machines this game runs pretty poorly. If you can't tell the
difference between gameplay and a picture show, you might try shooting up 
some of the trees. Shooting the trees lowers the polygon count a bit, which 
will greatly improve performance. Keep on shooting them to destroy them entirely.
Remember, one tree won't make much difference, but clear out a forest and you'd 
be surprised how much smoother the game runs.
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