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Garden of Oblivion Cheats

Garden of Oblivion

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Written by Träumendes Mädchen

Walkthrough for the game Garden of Oblivion. Contains hints and solutions, tips 
to get all endings, as well as a 100% Achievements guide!

-=How to Solve Humpty's Riddle=-
You don’t have to read The Odyssey, just pay attention to the words used by the 
characters around you (Humpty and Lotte, mostly) or/and take a look at the 
nightstand in your room. The answer may be linked to the title of the game in 
some way.

Solution: The Lotus causes people to forget important things. 

-=How to Get All Endings=-
There are two endings in Garden of Oblivion which are both only available right 
at the end, when the clock is ticking. At this point, you can choose to either 
stay in the area a bit longer or enter the door with the key right away. 
Your loss.

Solution: If you do the pendant puzzle (hidden in the fountain), you'll get 
the Good Ending?, otherwise you'll get the Bad Ending.

-=100% Achievements=-
Achievements 1-6 unlock throughout the story so you should get them rather easily.
Achievement 7 can be obtained by triggering a random event in Reven's room towards 
the end of the game (when water starts dripping from the ceiling). 
Just keep clicking on the mirror until you get it.

Achievements 8 and 9 are obtained by completing the endings.
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