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Galleon - Islands Of Mystery Cheats

Galleon - Islands Of Mystery

Submitted by: conner54

Enter Areliano's house. It contains three empty bedrooms and a fourth guest room
to which you are taken. You must open the doors into these rooms from the corridor
in a particular order to enable cheat mode. Opening the doors from the room side 
will not count -- you must be standing on the corridor side. There are three doors
in the corridor, with the third door being the closest to Rhama's room. Open the 
first door three times, the second door six times, and the third door nine times 
(in order). If you make a mistake, you must start again. If done correctly, the 
final Boss' sword will appear on your character's back and you will have 99 pistols
in your inventory. 
Additionally, when you complete the game, all ending credit bonuses will be unlocked.

Note: The pistols will disappear when you proceed to the next level. Collecting all
of an item after the code is enabled has the opposite effect and will negate that 
bonus in the ending sequence.

Alternate ending sequence:
Collect all the treasures and secret swords during game play to get an alternate
ending sequence.

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the survival mode and level select options.
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