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Frostrain Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

OP (Overpowered) Strategy:
Written by Panurge

-=Here’s How=-
* Take Mrs Choi for the +2 bonus in train car
* obtain 2 blue cards (academy) as a priority to place at least 2 
  and start accumulating them for free
* Upgrade to 4 blue cards as soon as possible to accumulate them 
  even faster and improve them quickly
* Place the “Train Power” cards (gear) as a second priority to improve 
  the speed of the train. In my game I went up to the max bonus (5) but 
  you should be fine with 3.
* Keep the white cards (Central Supply Bureau) in your hand, unless you 
  can place them on your train to gain a bonus at some point. Keep in 
  mind that you will need all 6 cards (including the extra large wagon) 
  for the last part of the game (they can be hard to obtain late game).
* Discard all other cards (unless it can give you a small bonus at the 
  start of the game).
* For the last ¼ or 1/3 of the map you should have all your blue buildings 
  at max level and will start drawing “Ivory Tower” cards. Raise them to 
  max level and only place them on the train if it does not affect another 
  bonus (Academy or TrainPower).
* When the speed of the train seems sufficient to you (for my part after 
  the radioactive city), remove the TrainPower cards (gear) except the  
  blue and white ones (obviously).
* Place your white cards to have all 6 and activate the max cycle time 
* The “Ivory Tower” cards will start raining ! Upgrade them to the max 
  level in your hand before placing them for maximum happiness bonus.
* Don’t hesitate to make “unnecessary” loops on the route to continue 
  accumulating points.
* Note: I didn’t push this strategy too far (I stopped before the 
  blizzard arrived) so I think one should be able to get a much better 
  score than me.
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