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For the Queen Cheats

For the Queen

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Advice and Tips:
Written by Yuu Mumo

Press ` to open console command. Enter the command ďAddSoulCoinĒ to skip 
the grinding part so you may get the skills you want in the operation room.

-=Unlocking items=-
There are currently three known and confirmed ways to unlocking items: acquiring 
a new unit type, achieving tier 3 of a unit (its final form), achieving all tier 
3 forms of a unit (you donít have to get all forms in 1 run and Iím pretty sure 
itís impossible. Just in the same save once). Usually the unlocked items are 
better, so grabbing them helps a lot. I personally prefer to use the campaign to 
grind for tier 3 unlocks for each unit instead of the training mode since campaign 
levels are longer.

According to discussions, a possible way to unlock the fifth row of items for 
each character may be by having a certain combination of items on the same 
character. (e.g Key and Chest for the adventurer) I have not tested this myself, 
so I have no idea if this is true.

-=Infinite Healing to Beat the Game Easily=-
Currently the 4th item for the elf is bugged. (The green gem that is unlocked by 
using all tier 3 forms of the elf at least once.) It is an health regen item; 
however since its health regen counts as a skill triggering, this procs other 
skill triggering items that heal upon a skill trigger. This effectively gives you 
infinite healing, making your units impossible to die. Iíve used this to reach 
Rank 70 on the leaderboard before quitting, and this can beat the game easily.

So Combinations may include: Gem + Beer (infinite self-healing), Gem + Branch/
Potion (infinite healing overall).
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