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First Class Trouble Cheats

First Class Trouble

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Win as Resident:
Written by Damien2011

For First Class Trouble players, this will be a helpful guide on how to 
win as resident it might not work but it will be fun making it, letís 
get started.

-=Toxic people=-
First i want to say if you see a toxic person (aka being rude calling you 
curse words for no reason) wait till the end and report him and if its a 
random killer give him a taste of his own medicine and kill him after 
report him

-=Inside your room=-
As you enter the game you are put in a room if you see a oxygen generator 
then do it after the closet the best things in the closet are a racket and 

Outside that room you can find a room that has 2 green buttons you can push 
them both at the same time works for almost all buttons but behind the stairs 
usually is a log or quick check room open that room and inside will be a log 
if you havenít found one yet also there might be a syringe monitor that so 
no one gets it if you can also there usually is a key card on the 2nd floor 
and 2 on the first

-=2nd floor=-
This i will not be able to tell that well but here it is so keep a close eye 
on the syringes and also on some maps you can find a scanner after getting 
all 3 key cards you get to Cain and you need to kill any personoids

This level is where you need to kill all personoids before you shut down Cain 
but if they overrun you you can escape in the escape pods there are A LOT of 
Champlain bottles also donít touch the bottom as it kills you in the left 
there is a log and the right a airlock with a scanner usually in it

How to Cremate Someone Guide:
Written by Mr. Midget

For First Class Trouble  players, in this guide, you will learn how to cremate 
your fallen passengers in just a few easy steps! (Warning: We are not responsible 
for any fire damage or bodily harm this project may cause to anyone in the room. 
Attempt at your own risk.)

You know what they say! You canít cremate someone without a body to cremate in 
the first place. If you dont already have a dead guy at your disposal, then make 
a new one using tools such as a racket, lethal syringe, or many many champagne bottles!

Step 2: Preparing the Cremation
For this next step, you will need an alcohol puddle that can be lit. 
(If no puddle is available, pre-lit fires are permitted.) Pick up the body, then l
ay the corpse over the puddle in an orderly fashion and take a moment of silence.

Great! Now lets move onÖ

Step 3: Light up that Mother F*cker

Step 3 is easy: SET THAT SUCKER ABLAZE!!!! grab your nearest lighter and say 
goodbye to your once living friend. their body will remain lit for a short period 
of time, and once it goes out, do whatever the hell you want with it! 
(Warning: burning corpses may cause damage to those around it.)

Step 4: Aftermath
Congrats bruh! You just burnt a dead guy! You should be proud. 
Now press F to pick up the charred remains and chuck it out the airlock.
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