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Final Factory Cheats

Final Factory

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Planning the Base Factory Layout:
To ensure your factory runs like a well-oiled machine from the start 
make sure to properly plan your factory, so there will be no need 
to rebuild it later.

Cargo Holds: Prioritize setting up Cargo Holds for basic items like 
structure elements and AI Controller Circuit. This drastically speeds 
up crafting by directly using ores and components in your inventory.

Understanding and optimizing your production lines are keys to scaling 
your factory.

Production Rates: Pay close attention to the production rates of 
components. For example, Plasma Engine Parts and Low Density Structures 
from the Atomic Printer have specific rates that, if balanced correctly, 
can significantly enhance efficiency. Early game its better to build 2 
Atomic Printers to feed Assembler creating Plasma Engine Parts so it 
will work at a full capacity.

Mining Drones Setup: Calculate the needed number of Mining Stations to 
fully saturate a Connector belt, considering their production rate and 
the conveyor’s capacity. Considering that Connector moves 4.5 items/s 
and Mining Station produces ~1-1.5 ore/sec 3 Mining Stations will pretty 
much saturate 1 Connector belt.

Defense Layout: Enemy attacks are influenced by your factory’s global 
stability. Higher stability attracts tougher, more frequent attacks.

It might not feel important early on, but proper defense planning is 
essential in factory’s long term survival.

Keep your factory modular. This not only helps in managing stability but 
also ensures that expansions don’t compromise the factory’s defenses.

Tips and Answers:
-=Intro story=-
You are a highly advanced Von Neumann-style probe on a mission to consume 
the resources of the sector and multiply, using black holes to spread to 
new part of the universe

In the Sector are 2 factions:

The Urso, the currently active inhabitants controlling the sector. They 
appear to be bear-like and extremely intelligent and aggressive (although 
in fairness you are here to conquer)
The Celestara, a dormant hyper advanced civilization that appears to have 
died out some time ago. The Urso guard their ancient relics and dormant 
structures around the map, but you have the ability to reawaken and use

-=How to start planet research=-
If you get as fare as you need this planet research and located a blue 
planet and “tutorial” or mission say you can make these planet researchers 

…You’ll need to research planetary science. You can filter it in the 
technology panel to see the prereqs to get to it!

-=How to create blueprints=-
When you copy a blueprint and it’s in your hand, there’s a “Save new 
blueprint” blue icon near the bottom of your screen. Just drag that 
blueprint down and click on it to make a new one.

-=How to cool exploration center=-
Heatsink needs 2 spots to connect to, and the exploration center only
 has one, so that’s why they won’t attach.

You’ll want to attach the exploration center to another building that is 
large enough, and then connect the heatsink to that.

Personally, I found connecting it by a strut to a defensive platform, then 
connecting a heatsink and 4 solar arrays worked perfectly.

-=Achievements and mods=-
Remember! Mods do disable achievements. If you have mods enabled the New 
Game Panel should warn you that achievements are disabled if you have mods on.

-=Control rebinding=-
There is key rebinding, including movement keys.

P.S. I use ASDF instead of WASD (yes, I know, I’m weird)–so it’s a feature 
that was quite personal to me!
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