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Fabledom Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips for Coal Mining:
Coal production is crucial, especially in the early game when winter 
can tank your townís happiness and make it difficult to recruit new 
residents. Even later on, coal is needed not just for heating but 
also for iron production.

-=Happiness Goals=-
Aim to keep happiness above 90% for 140% maximum effectiveness on Cruel difficulty.
Letting it drop for part of the year may still work, but high happiness is ideal.

-=Coal Burner Ratios=-
* Have around 1 coal burner for every 30-40 residents.
* The ratio depends on how efficient your log to coal production chain is.

-=Production Setup=-
* Separate plank and coal production areas to avoid resource competition.
* Each lumberyard can efficiently supply 2 coal burners.

For 300 residents, have a coal area with:
* 4 lumberyards adjacent to 8-10 coal burners.
* 2 log stockpiles between lumberyards and burners.

For planks, have an area with:
* 3-4 lumberyards next to 3 sawmills.
* 1 log stockpile between yards and mills.

By setting up separate, optimized production chains for coal and planks, 
you can ramp up expansion efficiently while keeping your town warm and 
productive through the winters.

How to Increase the Happiness:
Patrizia gave good tips. To help understand whatís happening a bit better, 
Fablings happiness calculation according to some others looks like based 
60 +/- desirability variables from the environment. If theyíre all at 60 
average, it means their environment is a mix of desirability buffs and 
debuffs that are averaging out to zero.

Some houses are probably in noisy/smelly worksite areas like pigstys or 
sawmills which lower desirability (the red circle of doom), while maybe 
also being under the effect of an inn which would make the total desirability 
added roughly zero still. Moving worksites and service buildings around to 
move the green/red circles to appropriate areas will help a lot.

Another super easy thing that contributes to happiness is yard objects for 
hovels. The first 3 yard objects in the list give +3 desirability to the home 
each up to +6. Personally I like to use 1 desire object like a doghouse and 1 
food object like an apple tree per yard so they get a bit of happiness and a 
bit of food, but if you need more of one or the other you can stack your yards 
up to compensate.

Additional Note: Make sure that thereís nobody starving, and that their houses 
arenít build in a ďred zoneĒ, meaning they are not close to stone quarries, or 
lumber mills, or the buildings that produce coal (basically things that are 
loud, or make air pollution). Build Bakeries, Inns and Theaters in the 
Neighborhood. Commoners donít like to live nearby peasents.

How to Survive:
This still refers to the early phase. Letís start with food. At the beginning, 
one should initially focus on growing vegetables. Because sooner or later, 
despite having enough fields, the people will starve.

Therefore, I have demolished the farmsteads and converted them to ONLY produce 
farmyard crops. Because in this way, the villagers also grow food themselves on 
the side. And viewed as a whole, thatís really a lot.

It is advisable to build more sawmills and charcoal kilns right from the start, 
otherwise the village and town people will complain that they are cold. 
(Emphasis on: I have 135 people and 10 charcoal kilns, and itís just enough coal 
to get through the winter)

-=Bread and Grain=-
You need grain for bread. However, for a grain mill and a bakery, you need at 
least 2 grain fields so that both can run continuously.

-=The Pigsty / Meat=-
The pigsty, however, consumes huge amounts of grain, and in my opinion, makes 
it pointless for the economy and food. Currently, I have 2 towns and would 
easily need 3 (better 4) pigsties to supply both towns with meat.

Currently, I have only built one pigsty so that I can accumulate meat for quests. 
Because here and there, food including meat is always asked for, and that is 
usually just enough. The town itself gets by with bread and vegetables, and no, 
they donít complain. Unfortunately, fishing is missing here, because I would 
easily build 2-3 of them and see if that would be enough to feed everyone.

If you later build a town (currently I have 2), you should employ citizens in 
many work areas such as sawmill, stonemason, workers themselves; because 
apparently only countrymen can be employed in many areas. So always pay 
attention to that. The post will be kept as up-to-date as possible.
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