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Eternal Dread 3 Cheats

Eternal Dread 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get All Outfits:
Written by tangerine

Want to get all outfits in game? Then have a look!

Armors of the same type with different colors count as one.

Outfits / armors list

* Warrior Armor
* Ranger Armor
* Mage Armor
* Winged Armor
* Falcon Armor
* Guardian Armor
* Sage Armor
* Leather Armor
* Battle Armor
* Angel Paradise Uniform
* Gladiator Armor
* Elite Warrior Armor
* Noble Armor
* NuKnight Armor
* Nakka Outfit
* Dark Hunter Outfit

-=How to Get Them=-
* You can get No.1~8 at the begin of the game. 
* Zombies or other human-like monsters may drop them.
* Blacksmith can craft No.9, No.11~13. And you can find them in chests.
* Kill the specific zombie to get No.10. You can only find her in Scorched 
* Cheat to get No.14. I can not get this one without Cheat Engine or without 
  modifying saved files.
* Defeat Nakka to get No.15.
* Defeat Dark Hunter to get No.16.

Modify your data file:
Written by sweet__death

Simply modify your data file with only Notepad to get money, skill points, 
items etc.

1.If you want to fully enjoy the game, then you should leave this page and 
  play the game normally.
2.Always remember to back up your UserData file first before you modify it.

-=Locate your UserData file=-
1.Browse local files
2.Locate your UserData file
  There should be a *.xml file like this under the Game_Data folder.
3.Open it with Notepad and make sure it's your UserData file

-=Modify your character level=-
1.For example, I'm level 30 now.
2.Edit the value inside "your-choice" then save it, 
  I'm setting it to 50.
3.Exit the game to the menu without saving, then reload your save file to 
  see the change.
  You now have more HP and MP.

-=Modify your skill points and money=
1.For skill points, edit the value inside "your_choice".
2.For money, edit the value inside "your_choice".
3.Reload the save file to see the changes...skill points and money.

-=Modify the quantities of your items=-
1.Edit the values inside " ".
  For example, I want to get more Glass Fruit:
  So I decide to change this value from 6 to 16:
2.Reload the save file to see the change.

-=Get items and weapons=-
1.To get an item, you need to edit the value inside " ", 
  then make a space for it inside " ".
  For example, I don't have any High Potions in my inventory now.
  * So I need to edit this value, and change it from 0 to 2, which is the UID of 
    the High Potion.
  * Then, make a space for your High Potion, I will simply change the value 
    from 0 to 5.
  * Now I get 5 High Potions in my inventory.
2.To get a weapon, edit the values inside " ".
  For example, I have a Bronze Sword with "Earth Attack + 10%":

Now I want to get an extra Bronze Sword with "Poison Resist + 20%", so I need 
to set the values like this:

"5" refers to Bronze Sword, 
"76" refers to "Poison Resist + 20%".

Now I get a new sword:
You need to know the UIDs of the items or the weapons, and, if you need it, the 
UIDs of the additional weapon effects. You could try and figure them out.

Item ID List:
Written by fxa207

Here you can find item IDís which i know right now.

-=List of Item ID's=-
* Potion
* High Potion
* Mega Potion
* Full Potion
* Ether
* High Ether
* Mega Ether
* Full Ether
* Antidoe
* Thawing
* Remedy
* Mighty Potion
* Sheild Potion
* Dull Knife
* Mane
* Fur
* Flame Stone
* Spiderís Web
* Spiderís Venom
* Mushroom Spore
* Batís Wing
* Batís Tooth
* Blue Scale
* Red Scale
* Basiliskís Scale
* Broken Bow
* Hard Rock
* Ice Rock
* Heat Rock
* Broken Club
* Orgeís Fang
* Bone
* Skull
* Broken Helm
* Broken Armor
* Arrow
* Spore
* Poison Sting
* Wolf Claw
* Wolf Pelt
* Man Eater Bulb
* Bugís Leg
* Scropion Tail
* Warp Scroll
* Swift Potion
* Magic Potion
* Mirror Potion
* Trunk
* Iron
* Iron Ore
* Steel
* Orichalcum
* Ruby
* Sapphire
* Emerald
* Topaz
* Herb
* Anitdote Herb
* Fire Herb
* Ice Herb
* Honey
* Red Mushroom
* Toadstool
* Elctro Mushroom
* Nitro Mushroom
* Freezer Mushroom
* Light Flower
* Might Fruit
* Rock Fruit
* Wind Fruit
* Magic Fruit
* Glass Fruit
* Goblin Gem
* Orge Gem
* Cannibal Gem
* Demon Gem
* Undead Gem
* Bandit Gem
* Minotaur Gem
* Throwing Knife
* Poison Knife
* Cooldown Fruit
* Poison Bottle
* Flash Bottle
* Bottle Grenade
* Frost Stone
* Flame Ammo
* Rag
* Vine
* Ice Ammo
* Electro Ammo
* Hydro Ammo
* Light Flower
* Acid Ammo
* Blast Ammo
* Void Stone
* Aqua Stone
* Venom Stone
* Earth Stone
* Thunder Stone
* Wind Stone
* Goblinís Eyeball
* Orgeís Eyeball
* Cannibalís Eyeball
* Platinum Ore
* Platinum
* Flamesteel
* Shadowsteel Ore
* Shadowsteel
* Orichalcum Ore
* Hard Log
* Elder Log
* Ice Claw
* Ice Fang
* Ice Cube
* Naga Scale
* Goat Horn
* Mucus
* Shield Shell
* Ancient Log
* Blue Vine
* Black Cloth
* Red Cloth
* Blue Cloth
* Green Cloth
* Raiderís Fang
* Demon Horn
* Mystic Horn
* Frozen Heart
* Stone Heart
* Flame Heart
* Wooden Heart
* Nose Ring
* Blue Mane
* Hot Red Bulb
* Sinister Bulb
* Imp Horn
* Sand Imp Horn
* Ice Imp Horn
* Marionette Strings
* Decayed Nail
* Koblod Claw
* Horseshoe
* Water Imp Horn
* Shocking Bulb
* Coal
* Demon Bone
* Spark Wing
* Thunder Fang
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