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Escape from boykisser Cheats

Escape from boykisser

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Beat Level 2:
Written by Furry's_are_hot

-=The Level Itself=-
Ok lets begin with the level, the level is pretty straight forward, 
a long corridor that seems to repeat it’s self but however you will 
come to realize that’s not always the case at all.

-=How to Beat the Level=-
Ok enough of me telling you stuff that you have probably been seeing 
a lot of, what your looking for is the solution and i have got you.

So in this level you have random objects, pumpkins, trash bags, and 
even shopping carts? Things that don’t usually appear in corridors to 
say the least but right now all those things that I just listed and 
everything else that you see in the corridor are now your priority, 
at the beginning of the level is safe but only walk through it once, 
do it more than once and you have a 50% chance of a free vacation of 
getting kissed and getting dragged into the dark corridor from the 

Unspeakable things he did to me in the darkness. Anyways for that 
not to happen to you don’t go more than once, since now you understand 
that your also gonna have to understand what changes in the level, 
you see those objects lying around? Yea I’m gonna have ask you to look 
very closely at everything, yea everything, but to help out a bit ill 
give you a few things on what can change, first off the security 
camera at the beginning right by the pumpkins and just look up, that 
camera can be upside down, the water dispenser, the two color’s that 
show for cold and hot can be switched I believe.

Every sign in the corridor can a different thing or swapped letter 
on it, the suit case and the bag swap places I believe, paper on the 
ladder can be towels or something else. Also you can go up the ladder 
and there will be two books the top one saying “quit smoking” and the 
bottom being “nuclear physics”.

I believe they can change so always look, and the 3rd locker can 
open to reveal cleaning products, you can still see the cleaning 
products even if its un opened all you have to do is look at a angle, 
and I always look at the cigarettes and the buds and there will be 
a tea cup by them, and check the clock as well just in case.

Ok so you know most of the things that will change but I still would 
suggest just checking everything to see if anything has changed, ok 
so now you know enough “hopefully” to save yourself from the boykisser
but me I think I want round 2 of what he’s serving so I’ll see y’all 
when I feel like making a another guide.
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