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Escape Dungeon Cheats

Escape Dungeon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Ultimate Guide (100% CG and Achievements):
Written by ajdwl_

Please read the full guide the CG and Level part if you want 
to complete the game with all CGs.

-=Level 1=-
You will need to read the letter inside the skulls(top right) first, 
then go to the hole on the wall(top left) and press up the enter the 
hole to exit first level.

-=Later levels=-
You will need to find the gate for every level later on to go to the 
next level. Sometimes there will be locked door, and you will need 
to look for a green button on the floor and press it in order to go 
to the next level.

-=Boss levels=-
Levels 10, 20, 27, and 28 will be boss levels. It would be in your 
best interest not to come to combat directly with the bosses because 
they could damage you badly or kill you. Use a lot of potions to kill 
the boss. Then you will get the key to unlock the next level.

-=Nightmare Mode=-
You will enter the nightmare mode after you defeated the boss in level 
28 for the first time. In this mode the levels will be the same, the 
only change is that the monsters and bosses are stronger(more HP, and 
more damage). The beasts will be extra strong so try to avoid battle.

-=Hidden CG=-
To unlock the hidden CG you will need to press your character around 
5 times in the cell(first level). When you press your character they 
will stop moving for one round, do it 5 times in the first level you 
get the CG(very easy).

-=Other CG=-
You donít need to die to unlock all of the CGs you could simply kill 
the boss in level 28 and unlock all of the CGs at once.

-=Nightmare mode CG=-
You will unlock a few CGs in Nightmare mode, and you could unlock all 
of them by defeating the final boss in level 28 in nightmare mode.

-=Very Helpful Tips=-
Things to know for you to pass the levels quickly

Upgrade your inventory first(around level 4 or 5), then sight, then HP, 
at last damage. But if you want to beat the final boss you will need a 
lot of inventory space.

You unlock all of the CGs when you finished all of the levels, so when 
you have good items, donít try to die cuz you want to see the CGs.

Get as many gems as possible. You will get gems more quickly when you 
are at a ?????? level.

Once you get to level 11, you could restart your game at level 11 
every time you restart. Same with level 21.

There is a special bug in this game, it is when you upgrade your HP 
when moving from one level to another you will have full health again. 
So up grade your HP to around 160~170 by level 27, then upgrade your 
HP again when going level 27 to 28. There is a max health limit, so 
donít directly upgrade all of your HP.

Try to fill up your inventory when you open chests or loots because 
sometimes the Lewd insect will occur inside those things. But you at 
least have that bug crawl in you once because there is an achievement 
for that.

I see a lot of people talking about how they could not pass the 
nightmare mode, that is because they havenít saw my guide yet! I 
passed nightmare mode and unlocked all of the CGs. 
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